Monday, November 5, 2012

Pets Love Toys: review

I was contacted by Brian, the CEO/Founder at to see if I was interested in sampling and reviewing their service. You may have heard of sample box services, in which you get a monthly box full of product samples in a certain niche. PetsLoveToys is a similar principle; every month, you view the showroom and pick which box you would like to get. There are typically three choices, with a combination of treats and toys.

Opening the box from PetsLoveToys was a little like mailbox Christmas!

As you can see, there are quiet a lot of goodies in the box. If you get it for a Large/X-Large dog (what Elka would be considered, though the Doberman is a "medium" breed [size is relative]), it's $25.95 per month, and that does include the shipping. The box for smaller dogs is $19.95.

The Bumi toy is something I was excited about trying with Elka. West Paws makes good sturdy toys, and we already have a Hurley. The Bumi is more "tugworthy", and that's a game that Elka typically likes playing with every toy she lays tooth to, regardless of its suitability (except for rope toys, for some reason. Nowadays, she doesn't want to tug with them at all, just shake them around and chew them apart. Sigh.)

Another thing I was excited about was the Zukes filets. I've heard great things about Zukes treats, but (similar to the Blue Buffalo jerky), they are somewhat cost prohibitive. Getting a regular sized bag of them in a box that included so much other stuff more than justified the cost in my mind (or would justify the cost, if I hadn't been sent the boxes complimentary, to review). 

I'll review the treats separately at some point, but suffice to say, Elka was very happy with their quality!
(she also did not appreciate that I was taking pictures of everything in the box instead of just putting it all in her waiting maw).

In addition to the full sized bags of Filets, there were also some smaller sample bags of treats. We use a number of treats in everyday living; "just 'cause" treats, "you brought the can to the kitchen" treats, "you didn't whine while I was in the bathroom" treats. It's nice to have a variety!

(yes, I'm STILL taking pictures of the stuff in the box)

If you're interested in signing up, they have a great FAQ on their site about signing up and managing your account. As an added bonus, followers of The Elka Almanac can get 15% off if they use the following code: ELKA20OFF

Part of PetsLoveToys mission is also about dog parks, and dog beaches, and keeping those resources open to the public. Currently, they're hoping to raise awareness and funds for the dog beach at Huntington Beach, in California. It's open and available year-round to dogs and their owners, but like so many great organizations, they've got funding problems.

FTC disclosure: In exchange for this review, gave me two free months of their product


  1. That looks great! Wish there was something like that in the UK

  2. Elka you lucky girl! What a great box of treats. I'm sure you will enjoy the Bumi, we had one and it was a tough toy until it got lost in the lake.

  3. Zuke's are a big favorite around here. I am really thinking about trying one of these box services. They're sounding more and more tempting!

  4. I'd love to know how long that toy lasts. I've seen them in stores and they don't feel like the most durable toys. But if they hold up to Elka they must be!

    This sounds like it would be a great gift for a dog lover. I know I'd have a blast going through the things sent each month. Do you know if they deliver to Canada?

  5. You sure are lucky testing out all that stuff
    Benny & Lily

  6. I'm with Misaki, wish we had this in France, hope Santa Paws gives me my own Toy-Store :o)

  7. Elka, that sounds soooo cool! I'm tryin' to talk Ma into giftin' ME with such a wonderful thing, I'm not sure she's bitin' just yet. Maybe with the discount codes, Ma will relent!
    Thanks for the review, and I hopes you didn't have to wait too long Elka!


  8. Those look so cool! I absolute LOVE Zuke's!! They're a staple in my house. The Mini Naturals are a fab training treat
    Nola's Mom

  9. Looks like a fun box of stuff. :)

  10. What a box of fun! I feel like that would be a worthwhile investment as well- we go through toys pretty fast around here.

  11. It all looks awesome but in this economy I don't know that i could justify the cost. :-(