Friday, May 31, 2013

Vote for Prime!

Optimus Prime, that is. He's a red Doberman up for vote in Modern Dog Magazine's Star Dog Photo Contest. I'm not going to put the photograph here, obviously, as it is not mine. So, you should click the link to go see him! He's a Canine Good Citizen and a Certified Therapy Dog. You can vote once every twelve hours, and it would be great if such a fabulous breed representative could get some "airtime".

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Some blasts from the past

I've been unpleasantly sick this week, so little "real" blogging is to be had. I figured I'd take today to link to some of my older posts, from "before I was cool" (I tried this on my writing blog, with what seems like minimal success. I guess that one isn't cool yet?) Truth be told, without the computer and blog, I'd be pretty confused regarding what day it is; missing work does throw one for a loop. But there we go, it's after Wordless Wednesday, so that means it's Thursday

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wordless Wednesday May 29 2013

It is one of my regrets (along with not clicker training from day one and not socializing with other dogs) that I did not take more puppy pictures of Elka.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Red Doberman boy, Bankston, looking for a home in Louisiana

This is Bankston

(picture from his page on the Capital Area Animal Welfare Society web site)

Bankston is a red (neutered) Doberman boy in Louisiana, with an estimated birth date of March 2011. The rescue pulled him from a shelter, the shelter pulled him from his home, where he was neglected and malnourished, and now he's regaining his weight and health in loving hands. I hear tell he is very sweet, still goofy and puppyish, and who would love to have a forever home! 

Monday, May 27, 2013

"Just a dog"

There are times new members come on to Doberman Talk, and I truly hope these individuals are trolls. I'm not sure why people troll Doberman boards of all places, but it happens. But, why do I hope they're trolls? Because they disregard things that members, members who are more experienced and learned and all of that than I, who have had the infinite heartbreak of their dogs being sick and dying too early, and only want the best for the breed, and the best for individual puppies. And those new people? They say "You guys are too serious." They say "It's just a dog."

I mean, yes. It is "just a dog". But don't you want the best dog? Don't you want the dog who will last you the longest, have a great temperament, have the fewest health problems?

Friday, May 24, 2013

We Got an Award! Thanks, Saved by Dogs!

Saved by Dogs has honored me (us?) with the Versatile Blogger Award! I do love getting awards, because who doesn't like being praised for all of the blood sweat and tears that they pour into their keyboards, right? Right.

I try to get Elka excited about them as well. I mean, I can get Elka excited, certainly, but I guess she doesn't really understand the ramifications of "a very important award", being a dog and all. I mean, we still think she's awesome, but sometimes that dog thing is an unforeseen limitation.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Missing Blogpaws....

One of these years, I'll make it to Blogpaws. Really I will. I'd like to go. Will I bring Elka, though? No, probably not.

I happily bring her to New Jersey at Christmas, or to North Carolina on vacation, but though the trip itself is somewhat stressful, the rest of the vacation really isn't. She gets to lounge around with people she likes and appreciates in a relatively calm environment.

(Relatively. We Donohues, when gotten together, can get a little loud and rowdy.)

Blogpaws, though? She would hate it. And managing that would make me miserable too.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Derek, a Doberman Assistance Network case (and an updated Demi picture!)

This is Derek. He was dumped in a California shelter, horribly afflicted with mange. The Doberman Assistance Network pulled him, and named him Derek, and now they're working on getting his skin condition under control. He's apparently also hypothyroid, which has an effect on hair and skin. He can't go to a rescue until his skin condition is taken care of, so he's being boarded for now, at DAN's expense.

You can make a donation towards Derek's care on the Doberman Assistance Network sponsorship page.

Monday, May 20, 2013

New (to me) survey: Dog aggression and owner aggression

I posted not long ago about how Alpha rolling was both not my style and also not a safely recommended training technique. A study in 2009 by the University of Pennsylvania veterinary researchers linked an exacerbation of aggressive dog behavior with punitive and confrontational training techniques, entitled "Survey of the use and outcome of confrontational and non-confrontational training methods in client-owned dogs showing undesired behaviors" by Meghan E. Herron, Frances S. Shofer and Ilana R. Reisner. Basically, if you're aggressive your dog will be too. Of course, Patricia McConnell beat me to posting about the study, but in a way, I'm glad. She's somebody I've heard of, read a lot, and am confident recommending her advice to people.

(Picture of Elka "paws up", taught through positive reinforcement techniques, to prevent this post from being a wall of text)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Birthday, Elka!

Four years ago today, my little Elka V was born! It's hard to believe that she's four; she's still so much like a puppy. Inquisitive, excitable, full of boundless energy......

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Just a little bit of dog love....

There are times Elka's mere existence amazes people. There aren't many Dobermans in my town (I saw one from afar the other day, and we played with a puppy last year or the year before), and even a not conformationally correct Doberman is striking. Elka is also very large, which adds to the wow factor.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Paws up!

Two years ago (!) I had my Command Clinic: Pawmania post, wherein I listed the paw tricks Elka had, such as "give me your paw", "high five", "pattycake", and "Testify!"  Since then, I've added one more, or am in the process of.

See, I can hold my arm out as though to receive a falcon in flight and tell Elka "paws" and she'll put her paws on that arm. I'm expanding that cue, so that she'll put her paws on the object I'm indicating, rather than the arm I indicate with (so, if I use my left arm to indicate, rather than my right, she puts her paws on the object, not my arm. This required a few trials [I have a fading scratch on my bicep], but she's getting it.)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Griffyn, 11 year old Doberman, for adoption in West Vancouver, BC

Griffyn is an 11 year old Doberman who finds himself needing a home!

He's currently in a safe and wonderful foster home, but it would be swell if he could go home with somebody to live with for the rest of his days. As always, I'll refer you to "Reasons to Adopt a Senior Doberman".

(picture from Petfinder)

According to his Petfinder page, he's "level 5 obedience", and did agility in his younger years. He still likes to chase a ball, and is energetic! He lets you brush him, wash him, take care of his teeth and nails, and is housebroken. He will chase cats and squirrels, but has been around other dogs, horses, and children with no problem. His Petfinder listing is here if you are interested in adopting Griffyn. Though in a foster home, he is under the purview of Dogwood Rescue, in West Vancouver, BC, and per the Petfinder page, phone is 604-926-1842 should you be in British Columbia, and interested in this fine specimen of a Doberman!

Tasty Tuesday May 7 2013

Beef Souvlaki in flatbread with mixed greens, feta, and home made tzatziki sauce. I've thought about making my own pita, and have seen what looked like great and simpel recipes for it, but haven't gotten there yet. I used onion powder with the beef, so none for Elka. She got some feta. If you ever do get feta to use with stuff, I strongly recommend buying a block or square of it and cutting it up yourself; it tastes a lot better than buying it already crumbled.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Reward Calmness

I was at the park today with Elka on the long line, when I saw a person approaching with her dog.  It was a yellow lab puppy, I'm not sure how old, but twenty to thirty ish pounds. They were all over the path as they approached, so I put Elka on her regular short leash to wait them out. The puppy was on a retractable leash, and I heard the mechanism squeal as he pulled out more length, even though it was "locked". Elka put herself in a down, and I stood on the long leash (still attached to her harness). She seemed less than happy with the puppy antics, and since the woman didn't seem to have full control, either due to puppy exuberance or lack of interest in doing so, I didn't think they ought to "say hello".

Friday, May 3, 2013

Two Dobermans need a home in or near Brooklyn NY: Justice and Jool

In Brooklyn, NY, Justice and Jool hope for homes soon. Their owner passed away, with no family  members and no provisions for their care. They are currently safe, boarding at a veterinarian, but it would be great if they could be adopted in Brooklyn, or someplace nearby! If they cannot, Illinois Doberman Rescue has agreed to take them, but again, it would be better if they could be adopted, together, locally. The point of contact regarding them would be Barbara, whose email is Swift76 AT aol DOT com

Justice is 14 (!) and Jool is 8, and they do need to go together. A lot of people might hesitate to adopt a senior dog, but I'll direct you to read "Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog", written by Nicole (also known as Meadowcat) about having adopted her senior boy Simon. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

I might as well share it too: Doberman Playing with Baby

Obviously, I feel the Doberman needs all the good press it can get. Well, within reason. I don't want a breed popularity explosion like the Dalmatian or the Chihuahua did after certain movies came out.

But, this has (or is perhaps in the process of?) gone viral and it's worth discussing.