Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Derek, a Doberman Assistance Network case (and an updated Demi picture!)

This is Derek. He was dumped in a California shelter, horribly afflicted with mange. The Doberman Assistance Network pulled him, and named him Derek, and now they're working on getting his skin condition under control. He's apparently also hypothyroid, which has an effect on hair and skin. He can't go to a rescue until his skin condition is taken care of, so he's being boarded for now, at DAN's expense.

You can make a donation towards Derek's care on the Doberman Assistance Network sponsorship page.

Also, back on March 29, I posted about Demi. There was an update on her on the Doberman Assistance Network Faceboook page last week, and she looks great!

Such a difference, and it's the donations DAN receives that makes things like that possible! You can be a sponsor for as little as $5 a month, or you can donate any amount, any time through PayPal.


  1. Poor baby! I hope he is back in shape soon. I really need to donate, but am looking for the right rescue. I should probably do one time donations until I find the right one for a monthly, huh? I think I'll do that.

  2. Oh, what sweet Dobies!!! Such sweet faces!!

  3. Poor baby. Why are some humans heartless
    Benny & Lily

  4. I bet he's going to be a gorgeous dog once his fur clears up too!