Thursday, September 5, 2013

Business cards from

So, necessary or not, I have business cards for this blog. I give them to people I meet occasionally, press them upon my friends and coworkers, and tack them to corkboards at the vet's office and the feed store.

My original ones were from Office Max, a not so great picture of Elka laying down on a white background. Thin paper. Little information, just my name and email address (no phone number. I'm running a blog, not a "please call me" business).

My newer ones from, though, are beautiful. I've gotten them twice now, the first time on their heavier paper, the second time on recycled. Fabulous paper quality both times. When I got the cards on recycled paper, the box was too, which was a nice surprise! They also ship quickly.

The first time, the cards were free because of a perk, and so had to have the Klout icon on the back. Oh yes, the back. cards let you put a picture and stuff on the front and back. Maybe I'll get even fancier next time and do a QR code (or that might be too fancy and not work. I'm never sure what's too far).

(this is the picture I used on the back. I couldn't get a good picture of the card, for whatever reason)

But, if you're interested in your own business cards from Moo, you can use my Super! Special! referral link, which will give me an amount off my next order

FTC diclaimer: I received no compensation from for this review. I decided to do it all on my own.