Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Product Review: Kong Dental Dog Toy

February is Pet Dental Health Month, and in recognition of that, we were offered a KONG Dental Dog Toy, Large, Red  for review. Kong products are a staple in this house, and have been since Elka first came home, when she had her little blue puppy Kong and little blue puppy Kong Flyer (don't impose your gender roles on her!)

New toys are always cause for joy (and we've got another toy review coming down the pike), and Kong toys inspire a certain love and concentration in Elka, as will of course be seen below. Wisely, the Kong we were sent was of the X-Large persuasion; Elka does okay with a Large, but sometimes the bigger ones make her work harder and longer.

We were also sent a singular Kong dental treat, which was nifty. I haven't bought any Kong treats for Elka in the past, so I'm always happy when we have something new for her to sample. She seems to feel that way as well! So, dog owner logic, I put the Kong dental treat in one end of the toy.

And I put peanut butter in the other end. The ends and edges of the Kong Dental Dog Toy have ridges and things in them, the best to clean teeth with, my dear.

And then I gave it to Elka, who had waited nicely and patiently. She does get very excited when we get a package and I go "Elka! This has a toy for you!"

Plus, if there's one thing Elka knows her way around, as stated, it's a Kong. She knows dropping it gets treats or food out. She knows licking it is pretty awesome as well. She frequently even licks one we know empirically is empty, perhaps for the memory of peanut butter. Sometimes I use cream cheese, but peanut butter is definitely the go-to.

FTC disclosure: We were provided the Kong Dental Toy and Kong Dental Treat in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own (and Elka's) and we were not in any other way compensated. 


  1. What an interesting Kong! I've yet to see them at my local pet supply store, but I'll make an enquiry as to if they'll be stocking any soon.
    I'm sure Kyuss would love one of those; that is, so long as the kids don't claim it! Poor boy often has to share his toys with the hoomans. LOL

  2. Good review! Kong is tasty
    Lily & Edward

  3. We recently had a peanut butter kong lick-fest at our house - happy pups all around :-)

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