Monday, March 9, 2015

Product Review: Surprise My Pet Box

I was approached by Surprise My Pet to do a product review of one of their subscription boxes. I haven't yet personally committed to an ongoing subscription box of my (or Elka's) very own, but I love the principle of them, and they're always fun to try.

Surprise My Pet was no different.

We got the box and I set it on the floor for Elka to peruse. She promptly nosed it, because that's how she interacts with most things, so I apologize for the blurry action shot.

The box contained two different treats, and a big ol' squeaky toy.

The Cadet Premium Chicken Tenders are made in America, which is one of the first things I look for. When I tore the strip off the top of the bag, they were an instant success.

Elka wanted those treats NOW and was willing to go through her array of tricks to get at them. They come in, well, chicken tender sized pieces, but are fairly soft and break up easily, leaving no residue or even much of a smell.

The second treat was a product we had tried before, so I was happy to see it again, and that's a Smokehouse prime slice, which is also made in the USA. It's a long-roasted chunk of beef ligament, which from Elka's reaction sure is tasty. It doesn't last quite as long as, say, a bully stick would, but it takes more time than just a Kong or something to get through. We're saving this one for a special occasion

And last, but especially not least, is the Dura-Squeaks Stick Dog Toy. I was happy to see a big squeaky toy in there, because Elka does love them, and many do not stand up to her love. I was surprised to recognize the Dura-Squeaks parent brand, Hyper Pet, as I've gotten a non-squeaky stick and a toy from our local grocery store for Elka, and those toys have really stood up to her punishment.

She started out chewing the squeaky stick so delicately that it didn't even squeak at first .She was surprised, and pleased, when it did. The squeak is not too terribly loud, or abrasive, which is very nice. The rubber is in fact very durable, and has a variety of textures. I think the knobbly bits on the end are meant to help with dental cleaning? That fits within standard dog toy paradigm, anyway.

All in all, Surprise My Pet was a good success for us! The treats are great, and the toy is one which will bring Elka much joy and squeakies for a good long while; even concentrated chewing on one end hasn't yet damaged the thing.

If you're interested in trying out (and you really should!), you can use the code Elka to get $5 off until April 4.

FTC disclosure: We were sent one free Surprise My Pet sample box, containing the items listed above, for fair review. We received no other compensation for this post.

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