Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Phoenix in Southern Doberman Rescue really needs help (warning, one graphic image at the end of the post)

Southern Doberman Rescue is a 501(c)3 pending organization in Alambama that is working to help Dobermans in the Southeast United States.

Recently, they took in a dog from Alabama who had been dumped in the overnight animal control pen. They don't know how old she is, or how long she's been ill, or even the extent of what's wrong with her. But Phoenix has a horrible case of Demdex mange. Horrible. Remember Manny back in January (if you click that, please be advised the pictures are bad)? She's worse than Manny. Much, much worse.

Southern Doberman Rescue currently has Phoenix at their vet where she can be monitored and treated. In addition to the mange, she has a fungal infection, may or may not have cataracts, and her hearing might be affected. Her feet are dreadfully swollen. She is heartworm negative, so that's one thing gone right for this poor girl. The condition she's in would have had to take months to reach, which makes me sick. I don't know how somebody can allow a dog in their care to get in such a state, and then dump them overnight. Phoenix and SDR could really use any donations you could make in order to help out.

Also, please share her link with her story: Phoenix is in SDR. Getting this info out can hopefully get the rescue and this dog's story the exposure and help they need.

I put a picture of Phoenix behind the cut. Warning, it is a graphic image. she is a picture of neglect, and I debated whether I should include a picture. But this is what can happen, folks. I do apologize if I upset anybody.


  1. Oh, goodness.

    Unfortunately, I know exactly how she got this bad--I'm from Alabama myself, and I grew up with this kind of treatment of dogs. My best guess: she lived outside. Nobody noticed she was looking bad, until she was looking really bad. If she had "good" owners, they thought, "Oh, she's got the mange" and tried a few home remedies on her. When that didn't work, or if they didn't bother, they assumed that the vet would either cost too much or not be able to help. (She's probably never been to a vet, either.) Most people don't know about animal rescues, let alone the good breed-specific rescues, and don't know that there is anyone out there to help. If they do, they're too proud to admit that they let the dog get so bad.

  2. Poor girl...
    Sick people!
    Sharing her link in our facebook pages...

  3. Oh no. I hope that she's getting the care that she needs now.

  4. I hope that she is now in a place to get the help she needs. It makes me so sad for these old ones. Phoenix...I know there are a lot of people that will try to help you.

  5. Poor baby. She is safe now
    Benny & Lily