Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Atlanta GA, Urgent Doberman Assistance Network case (be advised, graphic pictures)

A male Doberman currently being called "Manny" was found in a parking lot somewhere in Atlanta, wrapped in a blanket. Animal control picked him up, and while he's at the vet's now, he'll (hopefully) soon be in foster with one of the Doberman Assistance Network members.

Manny has a severe case of Demodetic mange, with a secondary infection, and is also severely underweight at 56 pounds (Elka is 75 pounds, to give you a frame of reference.) You can make a donation towards his care via PayPal at the DAN web site, and in the "special instructions" indicate that it is for Manny. Donations to DAN are tax deductible. At current, his vet bill is $220, being covered by the Atlanta Doberman Pinscher Rescue; not sure if it's likely to go up from there or not, but there's clearly a road of recovery for this guy. If you prefer not to use PayPal, donations can be sent via mail to

Doberman Assistance Network, Inc.
c/o Heidi Merriman
3852 La Colina Road
El Sobrante, CA 94803

I'm putting the pictures of him after the cut, because they are graphic, and extremely upsetting. Take my word for it, these are heartbreaking pictures, and I apologize if I upset or offend anybody, but I didn't want to not show him either. I wonder if he ended up dumped in a parking lot because his owners couldn't afford or didn't know how to cope with his medical issue. He is clearly a very sad and scared dog, and I really hope that with care and love, he'll recover into a fit, handsome, and confident Doberman.

These are the cases that DAN deals with daily, and they rely heavily upon and are thankful from donations from kind dog lovers. Please pass the story along. You can keep up with current info on the Doberman Assistance Network Facebook page.

I do not own these pictures; I am linking to them from the thread on Doberman Talk.


  1. Oh poor Manny! Those pictures are hard to look at but I am so relieved to know he is receiving care!

    I am disappointed in his owners. Wherever they are - surely they could have come up with something better than dumping him and letting him get to that stage. That kind of damage doesn't happen overnight.

    1. That kind of damage doesn't happen overnight, or in a bubble. His owners watched it happen, and so did anybody else who came to that house. It's such a sick shame, though I doubt they'll ever find who it was. I'm so glad that he's with Doberman people now, and they'll fix him up right.

  2. Poor guy. If that was why the owners dumped him, it's heartbreaking that they waited so long. Glad he is with a rescue group now, and getting the proper care he needs.

    1. Also wanted to add that I'm not condoning "dumping" him either. They should have brought him to a shelter, long before he got in the condition he was. Just sickening...

    2. I got what you meant...they should have sought help AT ALL, sooner, whatever...not just pushed him out of the car somewhere.

  3. My sweet Ada dog was 52 pounds when the cops picked her up as a "stray" from a trailer park. She's now a healthy and happy 75 pounds as well. Her owner wanted her back eventually. Of course you can only imagine my reaction when I heard that. The shelter of course refused. For her to be 30% underweight like that is simply not acceptable and we were the lucky ones to take home that sweet girl!