Monday, January 14, 2013

My face!

So, when I posted on The Joys of Dog Ownership last Monday, I didn't quite expect to have another entry of the same tone quite so soon. Maybe it's just my luck.

But, here we are.

I've probably mentioned here at least once, and I know I've occasionally wryly said, that I wish we'd been able to teach Elka "paw inhibition" just as well as her bite inhibition. She's never laid a deliberate tooth to anybody, not since she was an itty bitty puppy. She'll kind of "nibble" somebody occasionally, but I'm not even sure what the behavior is trying to express; perhaps it's an affection thing? It seems to be in moments of joy, anyway.

Another issue with Elka is that she'll occasionally head butt somebody. It's not really on purpose, it's just because of the way that she kind of plows through the world. Comically, it's sometimes in the hand, which is a "why are you hitting yourself?" sort of situation. Sometimes it's a leg. However, this past Saturday, it was my face (which puts me in mind of a joke some of us had in college, in which we would exclaim "My face!" because of Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark.")

I mean, I guess I'm lucky. Some owners on Doberman Talk have related broken noses and black eyes; we haven't had that issue. But, we had people over and Elka was pacing back and forth because there was no room for her on the couch. I finally got her up on the recliner behind me, and figured she'd quiet down. And she did, for a little while. But somehow, a single fly was in the room, and Elka has a fascination for all things flying. It buzzed past at one point, and she whipped her head around to watch it and laid the length of her muzzle right across my cheekbone. I'm confident that she almost knocked me out; she certainly made my eyes water.

I don't have a bruise yet, and I might not, which would be nice. It certainly aches, though. I made her get off of the chair and do a down-stay on her bed after that, because holy smokes, I can only take so many hits!


  1. Yea, I have a body awareness issues to...


  2. We have the same problem with our shepherd, Roxy. She gets really excited about visitors, and tends to head butt male guests in the crotch as they come in the door. My sons' friends enter the house in a Heisman Trophy pose. At least one has suggested handing out complimentary cups at the door.

  3. No worries Elka. I almost broke moms face once. Head butting is fun. Martha Stewarts Frenchie did break her nose
    Benny & Lily

  4. Justus doesn't head butt but Farrah would goose volunteers to tell them to WALK her :). Careful, Elka - your mom has the food.

  5. And that's a pretty good-sized muzzle she has to get smacked around by - yikes!

    Oh, and tell me about 'paw inhibition'. Good grief, I think Bella thinks she's a Boxer the way she uses her feet (much to my face's dismay.) We should NEVER have taught "paw" - I had to teach her "aim" after it so she doesn't just go flailing her feet around in any direction.

    Sorry about your face. :\

  6. LOL - that's so funny! The only thing that would make it better is if she caused enough damage you had to go to the ER and somehow explain that your dog beat you up! ;)

  7. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh my. Getting beat up by your dog. Mine step on feet. Each other's and mine. And they LOVE flies. Keeps them occupied for hours to have a single fly in the house.

  8. OMD! That is SO funny! Ma's previous Airedale, Annie, use to head-butt her ALL the time. Ma has a bad jaw, and one time Annie headbutted her right in the jaw, and well, Ma could eat solid food for a week! BOL (okay, Ma said it WASN'T funny...pfft!) Annie also like to 'punch' peeps in the nose! If you did a 'stare-off' with her, she would 'punch' you to win! ME? No, I'm a good Airedale. I just knock you down....

  9. I want to see everyone's face when you tell them how you got damaged by your dog chasing a fly.