Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rescued GA Doberman update (DAN still needs donations) (some pictures still graphic)

Last week I posted about Manny, a Doberdude in Georgia who had been found dumped, with a severe case of demodetic mange.

Well, I've been checking up on the Doberman Assistance Network's Facebook, to see about his progress. He apparently had to receive a breathing treatment back on the 13, but that could be a complication of all the swelling from his mange. Also, it turns out he's well enough to be in a foster home now (I think the same person who had the suspected parvo puppies, but I could be wrong), and he seems to be both feeling better and settling in nicely.

If you feel you can help Manny, renamed Blaise, please consider donating to the Doberman Assistance Network. Blaise is only one of the dogs that they're currently helping; there are too many that need it.

also, good news! An anonymous donor has agreed to match $600 dollars, if such an amount is donated to Blaise through either Paypal or mail (remember to put "For Blaise" in the special instructions portion!)

Or checks can be mailed to:
Doberman Assistance Network, Inc.
c/o Heidi Merriman
3852 La Colina Road
El Sobrante, CA 94803

Please be sure to mark on the check that the donation is for Blaise.

Still somewhat graphic pictures behind the cut


  1. So glad he's in a foster home - he looks better than he did last time so he is on his way to better health!