Saturday, October 12, 2013

Donations for Sweetheart through Doberman Assistance Network (Warning, graphic picture)

Sweetheart is a Doberman that is estimated to be 2 years old. She was brought in as a stray in Charlotte, NC and is currently in emergency care.

She weighs 29 pounds.

Somebody has offered to match donations to Sweetheart, through the Doberman Assistance Network, up to $300 until Midnight on Sunday, October 12. Donations can be made via Paypal, just make sure to put "Sweetheart" in the Special Instructions box. There's a PayPal "Donate" button both on the DAN home page and also a link to it from their Facebook page.

(picture from DAN Facebook page)

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  1. OMD - I wish I had seen this in time to catch for the matching donation. I'm going to go make a small donation anyway. I cannot believe this poor dog is two ears old. People are awful. Just awful. I was glad to see her looking so much better in your latest update but missed the original story and had to come find it. Just shaking my head at how vile we are as a species. :(