Monday, April 7, 2014

Hawk, a Special Needs Doberman in Ohio

This is Hawk.

(picture from Adopt a

Though in the Meridian, Idaho Human Society, he's a Special Needs Dobermans general funds recipient. His kind of "zany" look is due to muscle atrophy on his head, though he evidently has some neurological problems as well which "may or may not" require further care. He's got Diabetes Insipidus ("Water Diabetes"), which is not treated with insulin, but rather a hormone called Desmopressin.

He's a BIG  sweet boy at 101 pounds(!), three years old, cropped (and crazy! ears) and docked and neutered, up to date on his shots. If you're interesting in donating to his care, there's a Paypal button on the SND web site. On the Human Society listing, he's described as a Doberman mix, but I don't know if that's true. It could account for his extra large size, though, as he doesn't look to be of the "Euro" body type, or overweight.

If you're in Idaho or thereabouts, and interested in adopting him, you can see the Meridian Valley Human Society website here, and download the adoption application here (it's a blue button in the upper right). If you have further questions about Hawk, you can contact them via form on their website.


  1. Definitely a Doberman to work against bad breed stereotypes. He looks like a CGI dog in that second picture.

    1. I know, right? He's totally adorable! I do know that "special needs", especially with the oblique addition of neurological problems, can be a trying thing for a dog owner. But he could be a great dog for somebody's household.

  2. I hope Hawk finds a loving home soon, sharing.


  3. He is a cutie! Hope he finds a home soon and thanks for joining the blog hop! Sharing.