Monday, September 22, 2014

Product Review: Benny Bully's dog treats

I was approached by a rep at Benny Bully's dog treats to do a review of their products. Single (or limited) ingredient freeze dried treats? Check. Made in the USA and/or Canada? Check. I was excited enough for both Elka and I (she can't read packages, obviously. She just wants you to hand over the beef liver)!

We received the Liver Chops and the Liver Plus (in banana) and we could not have been happier with them.

(picture from Benny Bully's site. Photobucket is being unkind to me)
I'll tell you up front, the picture of Elka in this review are going to be, unfortunately, recycles from other reviews. I'm having trouble with my usual watermarking. The feelings about the product, however, are new and genuine!

One thing I, as the human, liked about the packaging was 1. it was kind of foil-y, so no excess moisture was getting in to make the treats gross and 2. it had the little zip lock thing on top. I know this is becoming pretty ubiquitous, but I remember when it wasn't, so it still pleases me.

Any time we get a package in the mail that is treats for Elka, she knows. She must be using that nose for once!

I selected banana as my "plus" flavor both because Elka likes banana well enough on its own, but also because I can't stand for pumpkin to be in everything under the sun. I do know pumpkin is a magical panacea for all things to do with dog poop (and "stool assist" is a reason listed for the ingredients on the About Us page, which is cool), so it doesn't mean I'd never buy them ever. It's just a particular.

On the Benny Bully's website, there are also super cute cartoons on the "How to Use" page, with tips for training certain tricks, like Crawl, Stand, and Take a Bow. They even suggest using it to teach Come to your cat (they've got cat treats too, you see)!

I like Benny Bully's for the reason listed above, but also because they are a treat which breaks up easily and don't leave your hands coated in Stuff, or smelling like beef liver. Or banana, in this case. In training sessions and about the house, this is always a plus. Sometimes I come home from a walk feeling like my hand is coated in hot dog slime, and I didn't get that with these liver treats. Oh yeah, and they're a definite High Value Treat in Elka's book, just fine for playing Look at That! with.

If I've totally sold you on Benny Bully's liver treats (and I hope I have), you can find a list of online dealers here (and you can get 'em on Amazon). They also have a store locater on their site, to see if they're sold at any stores in your neck of the woods.

FTC disclosure: The opinions in this article are my own, and I was compensated for this post.


  1. I'm sure they are great and I will look if we can get them here too. I agree with you, treats who stick on your fingers are annoying. Also treatsbags what have no clip or ziplock aren't the real McCoy, I dislike when the crumbs and parts are everywhere in my handbag. So I think paws up for Benny Bully's treats

  2. Sounds like you found a treat for use in training :-)

  3. Sounds good. Never heard of those treats
    Lily & Edward

  4. Oh, I have never heard of these treaties before...butts you know how I LOVES...I mean LOVES freeze dried treaties!!! And if you likes them, I knows they are good!!!
    Ruby ♥
    pees: Elka, I also know when a package is for would thinks the peeps would put paw and paw together and know we can smell though ANYTHINGS!!! BOL

  5. The other thing I can't handle is the greasy film that kibble leaves on your hand. Yuck.

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