Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Some Tuesday Tails Doberman rescue followups

Remember Jasmine? Well, after the bad news with Remmy and Sweetheart, I thought I'd go back through my Tuesday Tails posts and see what the news was on everybody. Jasmine is listed as Adopted on the Illinois Doberman Rescue site now! Congrats to Jasmine! I hope she and her new family spend many happy years together.

Little Athena, the all natural girl in Southwest Ohio Doberman Rescue is still available for adoption. Here she is, if you missed her the first time! It is important to emphasize that Southwest Ohio Doberman Rescue requires a completed adoption application in order to be considered to adopt any of their dogs.

(image from SWODR)

(image from SWODR)

So is Freda.

This page here gives you the information about Doberman Rescue Unlimited's adoption process and policies. The adoption application (to be submitted via mail) is available through this link.

I see a lot of "drive by" postings that talk about dogs available for adoption, in rescue, looking for homes, etc. And sometimes their faces stick with me, and I wonder what happened to them. I'm going to try and look back through my posts, as time goes by, and update on the ones I can find the information on. Hopefully, more and more of them have found homes like Jasmine!


  1. Love the update, though certainly wish more had been adopted. Since most of the dogs I feature are at "kill" shelters, I have learned not to go back and check :-(

  2. Oh that's great news that Jasmine was adopted. She looks like a nice dog. So glad she got a home. I hope the others get adopted soon as well. That Freda has such a cute face. They all do!

  3. Yay for Jasmine. Now the others need to find a home!

  4. Great news for Jasmine, and I'm crossing my paws the others find their forever homes really soon! :)

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy :)