Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Athena and Boss, in Southwest Ohio Doberman Rescue

Southwest Ohio Doberman Rescue has many Dobermans looking for homes. They are a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, and run on volunteers. They rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome Dobermans in need, and adopt all over the United States and Canada, if they can arrange to have a home visit done. If you adopt outside their immediate radius, you are responsible for arranging the ground transport of your new family member. They are always in need of fosters and volunteers, so if you're in southwest Ohio, and interested, they would appreciate it!

It's hard, when confronted with a list of adoptable dogs, to pick the ones to showcase. This week, though, I picked two dogs who are opposites: Athena, who is a young, all natural female Doberman and Boss, who is a mature cropped and docked male.

Athena is an exuberant little girl who needs some refreshment on her obedience training.

(picture from SWODR site)
She had a home, but she didn't get along with one of the older dogs in the household, so back she came. She needs a family that understands and can accommodate the exuberant, energetic nature that comes with young Dobermans.
(picture from SWODR site)

Exercise and patience! (an exercise in patience? Though that's all puppies!)

Boss was part of a two dog household, but when a divorce happened, only one dog could fit in the car so he was surrendered to a shelter (it's in his bio, I kid you not). They think he's around 5, and though he is cropped and docked, as you can see, his left ear is cropped and flopped. Makes him look kind of rakish!
(picture from SWODR site)

Southwest Ohio Doberman Rescue does not know whether the dog Boss lived with was male or female, but it was a lab. He's been kissyface with dogs he's met over a fence, and kind of mouthy when tested on cats. 

(picture from SWODR site)

Boss has been neutered, and they're still sussing out his personality. He looks like a happy guy in the pictures, though!

If you're interested in adopting Boss or Athena, or any of Southwest Ohio Doberman Rescue's dogs, they list their requirements on this page (including adoption fees) and their adoption application is here. They also have a very nice section with information on the Doberman breed, and an FAQ page that has both info about Doberman rescue and also ten myths about rescuing a Doberman.


  1. They're both lovely and I wish them best luck finding the perfect homes

  2. Athena and Boss are both gorgeous! Poor sweet ones, both had homes and through no fault of their own, now they don't.
    Boss didn't fit in the car? Wow. If they were that quick to get rid of a dog because he "didn't fit in the car", I worry about the one they did keep. Can't exactly be a loving home.
    Will share these two beauties for sure!