Friday, December 13, 2013

Update on the Doberman Assistance Network Christmas Raffle

As you might assume, the Doberman Assistance Network Christmas Raffle has many more prizes now. You might be surprised by the quality and quantify of prizes, though! Remember, it's only $5 per ticket, payable by check, info in the photo immediately after this sentence.

On the first day, it was these treat containers and a collar (all pictures from the Doberman Assistance Network Facebook page):

On the second day of Christmas, there were now a bunch of (dog) toys:

On the third day of Christmas, they added this human toy, an ipad(!): (which I would not buy on my own, but if I happened to win a $5 raffle for it, why not, right?)

On the 4th day of Christmas (DAN's true love is a good one, aren't they? A DAN t-shirt and treats and another dog toy)):

On the 5th day of Christmas, they added gift cards for, and a token of St. Francis, the patron saint of animals.

On the 6th day of Christmas, they added an autographed copy of Dog-Ma: the Zen of Slobber, by Barbara Boswell Brummer, and Doberman post-its.

On the 7th day of Christmas (DAN's true love's pockets are deep, for $5 tickets! This is the kind of love these dogs inspire.), a tin for storing dog food, a safety light, bamboo bowls (plastic made from Bamboo?), a scoop, and a tote bag!

On the 8th day of Christmas: Pilots n Paws t-shirts and hat, and a couple of lovely coloring books:

And today, we're up to the 9th day of Christmas, when these goodies were added (Doberman towels, slippers, an apron, ornaments, a collar charm, stockings, and stickers:

So even if you're not into Dobermans, folks, there's quite a lot of dog nerd and dog rescue paraphernalia here, and it's $5 for one single ticket! Every single penny goes to Dobermans in need, and they have a very heavy caseload. Include your email address so ticket numbers can be sent to you, and the checks are mailed to:

Doberman Assistance Network
c/o Heidi Merriman 
3852 La Colina Rd.
El Sobrante CA 94803
If you're not interested in the raffle, you might consider making a general funds donation, via Paypal, on the Doberman Assistance Network web site.

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