Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tuesday's Tails: Freda has found a home, others still looking!

Good news!  Freda, who I posted about back in September, and mentioned again in November? Well, Freda has gone home for the holidays! A member on Doberman Talk posted in the rescue section that they brought home two (!) seniors from Doberman Rescue Unlimited, and Freda was one of the names mentioned. I thought "Hmmm, that sounds familiar" and "Hmm, she looks familiar" and I was right! Congratulations to Freda and her new family!

Beau is no longer listed on the Doberman Rescue Minnesota site. I hope that means he's gone to a great home! I just love his face, and I hope somebody else fell in love with him.

Little Mordecai is still there, though. I wonder if his foster mama is going to end up just keeping him! I first posted about Mordecai in June, and mentioned his special needs (Megaesophogus and a healing dislocated leg), and it would seem that not only is his ME under control, but also that his most recent leg X-ray seems to indicate that he won't need surgery for the dislocation.

If you're interested in adopting Mordy, you can read about DRM's adoption policies here

(if you wondered, the adorable cowlick on Mordecai's nose is commonly referred to as a "zipper")

Of course, there are other dogs still in rescue who would probably love to have a home before the new year.

Cassia is a natural eared, fawn and rust 1 year old who DRU were able to get before she was rehomed on Craigslist. She sounds like a drivey little girl who absolutely loves to play ball! DRU thinks she would be fine with the right dog, but a home with cats would probably not be the best for her.

If you think Cassia sounds like a great addition to your home, you can read about Doberman Rescue Unlimited adoption policies here.


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  2. Cassia is beautiful! Sure hope she finds a forever home soon as well as Mordy. Great news about Freda! Yay!

    1. Yes, I'm super stoked for Freda! I just can't believe Mordy is still in rescue. Puppies go fast, we know this.

  3. So happy about Freda! Sharing Mordy and Cassia - they're both adorable!