Friday, January 24, 2014

Madison is safe and found, but you can still help her out!

Madison the Doberman mix (I think I saw somebody speculate the might be a Doberman-Kelpie cross?) is going to be staying with Illinois Doberman Rescue for the time being.

She was due to continue transport to Doberman Rescue Alliance Wisconsin, but in her veterinary checkup after she was found, the vet was concerned about her traveling any more. You see, the back injury they knew she had is apparently a broken L-7 vertebrae (like, literally in two pieces broken), and it could be considered a miracle that she still has continence and control of her tail.

Madison is also apparently heartworm positive and their vet has detected which might be an additional murmur. I've written about Doberman heart problems before; being a mix doesn't exempt her from such possibilities, unfortunately.

(picture from IDR Facebook page)

Donations for Madison can be made on her page on the Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus web page, via PayPal. She'll be staying in Illinois, as the vets think she's an excellent candidate for surgery, and they have access to good specialists that work with the rescue.


  1. Oh, poor dear. She's a beauty.

  2. I'm glad that she was found but sad that she has such veterinary challenges.