Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Obie for adoption Pennsylvania

Blue is no longer listed on the Distinguished Doberman Rescue website, which per usual, I will take it to mean she's found a home. Is optimism a bad thing? I hesitate to judge it so, in cases such as these.

So today we're going to talk about Obie, who is for adoption through Dreaming of Better Endings Rescue, inc.

(picture from Doberman Talk thread on Obie)
Obie is in Bangor, Pennsylvania. He's a four year old red Doberman, with natural ears and a docked tail. He was taken in as a stray, and doesn't know what to do with toys exactly, but he's learning! He's a quiet, kind of laid back boy, who does like other dogs except when they're grumpy and grumble at him. He is not a barker, but he is talkative (I know what that's like!)

Obie's foster family say he loves snuggling on the couch, and he is flawlessly housebroken. He's also a flank sucker. He isn't truly cat tested, but has tolerated them well at the vet's office, and might do well in a home with dog-savvy felines. As his history is unknown, DOBER, Inc's policy is not to adopt such dogs to homes with small children.

If you're interested in adopting Obie, you can find DOBER, Inc's adoption information on this page (including the process, the application, and the fees). For more information, you can send an email to Adoptions AT doberinc DOT com . If Obie is not who you're interested in, you can see all of their available dogs here. If you're not looking to adopt, or can't, here are other ways you can help DOBER, inc! They have a wishlist, and also a list of what they need volunteers for.


  1. He's really cute! I hope somebody takes him home soon!

  2. Obie is such a handsome fella! Sharing.

  3. Very cute!

    Are Dobermans getting another popularity bump for some reason? I've seen more in the last two months than I've seen in the last two years. (Including a pair of older puppies who either had terrible hips or--hopefully--were just going through a gangly phase.)

  4. I hope Blue found a forever home! Obe is precious. Sharing.