Sunday, June 24, 2012

On Our Sunday Walk...

Today on our walk, we saw:

An Airdale Terrier on a Flexi lead.
A Rat Terrier on a Flexi lead.
A Put Bull Terrier (I think) on a Flexi lead.

I don't have pictures, because I don't want to be a weirdo who randomly takes pictures of people on the street, but do they have the corner on the market, or what?

The Rat Terrier started barking as soon as he saw Elka. The owner started in with the "Oh, that dog is so big, what kind of fight are you trying to pick."

Elka started to do the dance around and huff thing, and I reached down and put my hand on her shoulders and said "Hush, honey, he's barking like that because he's scared."

To my surprise, the dog's owner agreed with me. She admired Elka's beauty, and asked what she was; she seemed a little surprised and/or dubious at the Doberman status. She's not an imposter, I swear. Come on, people! They walked past rather normally, the little dog bouncing on her leash, the owner smiling and willing to exchange small talk. The dog's owner also mentioned that her dog had been attacked by a pit bull the other day, and I thought "oh, here we go." Then she surprised me. She said "I heard a noise, and we'd been walking by a house where I saw the dog and thought it was all right, because it was tied. I guess it broke the tie, though, because I heard the noise and looked down and she [her dog] was on her back on the sidewalk. The pit bull was just a puppy, though, and must have actually wanted to play, because it could have bitten her in half with as much time as it had."

We proceeded on our way, and then saw somebody I recognized from the library, who had just finished petting a pit bull who was ahead of us. She smiled and said "Oh, hello. Is your dog friendly?" When I said yes, she said "It's funny, you don't think of Dobermans and pit bulls as friendly dogs, and  yet here we are." So then we had a small Why a Doberman conversation and went on our way.

After the park, we walked through town a little bit. We saw yet another person I recognized, who was walking his Airedale, who proceeded to gallump around in an excited and happy way. Elka, who does not know other dogs, was unsure of what she should be doing and backed off. She growled a little and barked once, and then the dog stopped and they just looked at each other. I explained, the owner got it (or seemed like he got it) and we all went on our way. That's one of my two regrets with her: one, that I didn't start clicker training from day one, and two, that I didn't find other dogs to socialize her with. She's great with people, but with other dogs, she's just in uncharted land. She doesn't "go nuts", there hasn't yet been a point at which I thought I'd lose control of her, but she needs space, and time to make her own decisions, in order to be comfortable with another dog being there.


  1. That looks like such a lovely place to walk. So glad you met some doggie furiends, too.

    We have given you a blog award! Stop by and pick it up here

    1. It is a great place, we're lucky to have such a wonderful park.

      Thanks for the award!

  2. It sounds like you had a fun walk seeing all your furry friends
    Benny & Lily

  3. I don't think it is unusual that Elka needs space around other dogs. Not all dogs are social. The brown dawgs are not social, except Freighter and I expect that to go away as he grows up. I am fine with that as long as they are not jumping and pulling on the lead to get to the other dogs. At training and tests they are off lead a lot, but the idea is that they are working and to be at heel and under control when not in the field.

    1. That is a good point!

      Not all dogs want, or need, dog friends. Really, I kind of don't get it when people want their dog in the face of every dog they meet. In general, I try to keep Elka focused on me, and we continue on our way. It's what we use "on by" for, typically, unless it's a dog barking in a yard, at which point I say "It's not your problem."

  4. Sounds like Elka is being a good representative for her breed and changing some minds, which is awesome!

    1. Yes, I'm always pleased when people are willing to take the time and talk, and seem curious, instead of "OMG Man Eater!"

  5. We do not believe it is uncommon which Elka requirements room close to additional canines. Not every canines tend to be interpersonal. The actual dark brown dawgs aren't interpersonal, other than Freighter as well as We anticipate which to visit aside because he or she matures. I'm good with this so long as they're not really leaping as well as tugging about the guide to get at another canines.

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