Friday, February 1, 2013

Doberman Assistance Network Monthly Sponsorship program

Love Dobermans? Want to help Dobermans in need?

The Doberman Assistance Network now has a monthly sponsorship program! For $5 a month, you can help Dobermans in need, and the organization that's working daily to do it. Also on that page, you can donate directly to Blaise's cause (formerly known as Manny, who I've blogged about before) with varying levels of commitment.

(logo is property of the Doberman Assistance Network)

There's the ubiquitous Paypal option (seriously ubiquitous; I was at Dollar General a couple of weeks ago, and their card machine has a Paypal option. Paypal in a brick and mortar store! Who knew?), or you can send a check to a physical address:

Doberman Assistance Network, Inc.
c/o Heidi Merriman
3852 La Colina Road
El Sobrante, CA 94803

Another Doberman in current need (why are there so many?) is Jake, who from his blurb on the site is essentially receiving hospice care due to his condition and medical issues

(Picture of Jake is from the DAN site)

I'm not going to get all "Arms of the Angel" Sarah McLaughlin on y'all, because I'm just not that guy. But I see these dogs, and I see these people struggling to help them, and I'm just trying to spread the good word.

Also, if you're so inclined, you can now follow the Doberman Assistance Network on Twitter.


  1. Thanks to social media and Sue Kottwitz, I now know about the great work you are doing for this wonderful breed. Sharing, too.

    1. Social media can be really great! Thanks for reading, and thanks for sharing!

  2. You are a good person, spreading the word for all those dogs in need. Thank you.