Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ways to Have a Heart!

One of my goals when I took the Pet Blogger Challenge was to talk more about rescue and dogs in need; I think so far I've been doing pretty well with that!

Valentine's Day is kind of one of "those" holidays. If people are single, they may or may not feel rotten about it. If people aren't single, they might feel that they don't need Hallmark to tell them when to express their love. The commercialization of every last Day that we capitalize the D on is getting a little out of hand, and other than a certain nostalgia for conversation hearts, I can't really claim to love any one specific thing about Valentine's Day. (Now Easter...I freaking love Cadbury eggs...)

So, on Valentine's Day, why not love dogs? Maybe especially dogs who are currently "single".

Special Needs Dobermans  has a program where you can sponsor senior Dobermans. Some of these dogs are also looking for homes in which to live out the rest of their days (and how horrible is that, to have to surrender your old dog?), and some are still in homes, but their owners need funds to help with their care. You can Sponsor a Senior for $40 a month, or $480 for the whole year, via check or Paypal.
(Cynthia, picture from SND site, would love to have a sponsor)

The Gulf Coast Doberman Rescue is staffed 100% by volunteers. They pull Dobermans from shelters, and occasionally take owner surrenders, in Louisiana and on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. If you're in that area and would like to foster for them, there's an application for it right on their web site. Unfortunately, there is never a shortage of dogs in need, just caring space to put them! They have many available Dobermans for adoption, and as every good rescue should, they have an adoption application available on the web site for you to fill out. 

(picture of Beanie from the GCDR Dober "Ladies" page. She's looking for a home!)

Doberman Rescue Unlimited, who I've posted about before, is sort of in my neck of the woods. New Hampshire, anyway, but they serve the Northeast. They have a 2013 calendar that you can purchase, full of pictures of lovely Dobermans. They also have their Shelter Wish List posted, with a physical address to which the items might be sent. DRU is a facility at which up to 50 dogs can be housed at a time, founded in 1988. Dogs are spayed or neutered before they are placed (another thing to look for in a reputable rescue), and their shots are up to date.  For $25 a year, you can become a member of DRU, receive the newsletter, and hear about events. They have an annual reunion picnic, the pictures of which are posted on their web site.

(Hercules is currently for adoption on the DRU web page)

As always, I'll mention the Doberman Assistance Network. The DAN General Fund wishlist is viewable on Amazon, and if you do make a donation in this way, they ask that you leave your name and address in the "special instructions" so that they know who to thank! According to the DAN fundraising page, current ongoing fundraisers still include Zen Paw Designs and Paramutts Products (though Paramutt doesn't have anything currently listed). You can also sponsor a dog on the Doberman Assistance Network web site.

It's also Flower Power Fundraiser time again! From now until April 26, purchases on the Flower Power Fundraising site will give 50% back to the Doberman Assistance Network. The goal amount is $1000 in 76 days, starting now.


  1. So much good information. You are definitely doing your part to make things better. I can't think of a better Valentine's Day present than to make a "single" dog a "taken" dog.

  2. Great post. I think you should add the day after Valentines Day as one of your favourite things about Valentines Day because that's when all the chocolate is half off :)

    While I'd love to sponsor a dog or help out in a shelter right now, I've got no time or money. I'll be spending Valentines Day snuggling up with my rescue.

  3. Great post! Happy Valentines Day!!!


  4. I would say you are doing very well at sticking to your goals. I sure hope they find forever homes.

  5. Happy Valentine's Day

    Stop on by for a visit

  6. Oh, that is a fantastic Valentines DAy post Elka!! I love seein' all those beautiful faces!!

  7. Happy belated Valentine's Day to you!

  8. You have been doing a great job on your goal this year! I love that you did this for Valentines day. You hardly ever see Doberman's posted on FB to publicize their need for a home. Maybe you should share them on your page too! I would love to see more of them shared online like you do on your blog.