Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Wendy, natural eared girl with Illinois Doberman Rescue

This is Wendy! She's a nine month old, natural eared, docked black and tan girl in Illinois Doberman Rescue.

(photo from Illinois Doberman Rescue)

She was turned in to rescue because her family had a change of situation and couldn't afford to keep her. She took to crate training amazingly well, is housebroken anyway, and will apparently "tell you" when she needs to go out, which makes me wonder if she's vocal like Elka!

She's a cuddler, and knows some verbal cues, but at 9 months old, the sky's the limit! And look at that adorable face and ears!

(photo from Illinois Doberman Rescue)

They don't really detail what's going on with her right front paw, so I'm going to guess that 1. she was born that way and 2. it isn't really slowing her down; she can still play, run, and jump just fine.

(photo from Illinois Doberman Rescue)

According to her IDR+ page, she's clueless when it comes to other dogs, so would need to be a single dog or be with a dog-savvy older dog, or a young and playful dog like herself. But also according to her IDR+ page, she passed the cat test!

If you think Wendy would be a good fit for your home, or would like to know more about her, you can email them at info AT ILDobeRescue DOT com. You can read about their adoption process and requirements here, and if you can't adopt at this time, you can read about their needs and their volunteer opportunities.


  1. Gorgeous. You'll find a home, Wendy. Maybe with a Peter. Too bad you aren't 9 years old...for me :).