Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An attempt at communication

This morning, when we got up, Elka ran downstairs to greet my fiancé.  He'd been there all along, you see, but every time Elka leaves a room and comes back, she gets excited to see who's there.

Typically, when Elka greets somebody, she finds a toy and brings that.  This time, she brought Pokey, who has increased in popularity since a visit from our 1 year old friend Noah.  Noah thought Pokey was neat, and played with him for awhile, which has increased his value in Elka's eyes.

After Elka greeted my fiance, she went into the kitchen.  After I greeted my fiancé I looked in the kitchen to see Pokey in her food bowl.  My fiancé said "This is an attempt at communication.  She's so hungry she could eat a horse!"


  1. Haha so cute! Definitely appears to be an attempt at communication!!

  2. Oh yes, our Elka makes every effort to being clear!