Saturday, July 16, 2011

Special Needs Dobermans, and a specific Doberman in need (Whisper!)

Occasionally, situations conspire to produce vet bills beyond what people can normally pay.  Special Needs Dobermans ( is an organization that helps Dobermans in need, and also senior Dobermans specifically.  Donations made to them helps dogs that are owned, dogs who are fostered, and dogs who are in rescue.

SND has a fundraisers page with some dog and Doberman related items on it, and also has auctions, both of which benefit, you guessed it, the Dobermans!

I was going to get around to posting about Special Needs Dobermans eventually, but I currently have a specific Doberman in need who I'd like to talk about, Whisper (Aka West Virginia Whisper).

Whisper is a blue girl who saw a squirrel or some other critter the other night at just the wrong time, and tried to dash across the road after it, yanking the leash from her owner's hand.  An SUV was coming through and hit her, then fled the scene.  Whisper's owner found her in the woods and carried her home, to discover, where there was finally light, that her leg was grievously injured.  She was able to get Whisper to an emergency vet, who got the bleeding stopped and treated her shock, and they live close enough to Virginia Tech that that's where Whisper currently is, awaiting a certain level of healing before skin graft surgery and the like.  From what I understand, it's looking like Whisper gets to keep her leg, but originally, whether she would even live was touch and go.

Obviously, surgeries and care like this (apparently just the hospital stay can cost $200 a day!) runs up quite the bill, and SND is willing to help!  You can go to this page: , and specifically donate for "West Virgnia Whisper"'s care.  Also, Special Needs Dobermans is a 501 3(c), and so all donations are tax deductible.  I hear they even send you paperwork at the end of the year, to make it easier to claim on your taxes.

If you're uncomfortable going through PayPal (though you can also donate to SND by check, and instructions are, I believe, on the above listed page), you can call the business line at Virginia Tech at (540)231-4954.  Barbara Kafka is the patient coordinator, if you need to ask to speak with somebody specific.  

Edited to add: 7-21-11, there is a Special Needs Dobermans eBay auction for a denim shirt with a cross stitched red Doberman on the back. This auction will benefit Whisper.


  1. Hi. I Live in Maryland do u need a foster family? Lisamischele

  2. Whisper is also special because she's still in the care of her owner! Special Needs Dobermans helps those who are in foster and such, but also, those who are owned.

    Thank you very much for asking, though! I'm in no way affiliated with Special needs Dobermans, other than singing their praises, but perhaps if you contact them, they have other Dobermans in need of foster, or can put you in touch with somebody who knows. It seems the need for fostering and transport and stuff never really ends.

  3. Whisper's Grateful MomAugust 12, 2011 at 1:36 AM

    Jen, major apologies as I've just now checked out your entry on my girl Whisper. My mind has been so all over the place, given what's facing us on a day-to-day basis, I'd forgotten to come here and read.

    Thank you so much for sharing her story, and she's doing so much better now, with the help of all the wonderful generous people who have donated to her fund at Special Needs Dobermans.

    She has a long way to go yet, in healing, and will need orthotics and physical therapy, but she is one determined strong girl and we will get there, for sure. Thank you again, for this post.

  4. Please don't apologize! I know you're going through a whole lot, and have other dogs besides Whisper to look after too, I wasn't worried about the ego boost that "OMG, you read my blog!" Really, I just wanted to help Whisper how I could, hearing the story in the first place just made me feel sick.

    I love reading about her recovery (however gradual), and that her indomitable spirit is still going strong!

    So, you're definitely welcome ^^

  5. my dog does the same thing. I lift my hand straight in the air he barks and I pretend Im talking to him but Im just moving my lips and making no noise and he mimicks me I love animals they're so cute