Monday, October 14, 2013

Dogs make their own fun

There's no telling what toys Elka will like and play with, and what toys she'll hate.

The Unbreakoball is a great example. It certainly hasn't broken, because she hates it. Hilariously.

She likes squeaky toys now, though. When she was little, she seemed to think she was hurting them, perhaps because of the way we taught her bite inhibition (the yelp 'n' stop playing approach).

So of course the toys Elka likes best are the cheap made in China kind. The Hartz kind. The kind you get from Walgreens. They're a step up from what I feel like I can rip apart with my hands, anyway.

The JW Pets toys are nice and durable (she has a small Bad Cuz and a big Bad Cuz), but she doesn't play with them much. Maybe they're too hard to squeaky, and that's why she likes them less? I really couldn't say. If she has one, she'll frequently look for the other, and put them together. 

The Walgreens toy she most recently...experienced...doesn't even have a brand name, not really. As I said, it's also Made in China, which I don't like supporting. There are American companies making dog toys at okay prices. Now if my freaking dog would just chew on them, that'd be great!

But, much like those much lauded family stories of kids playing with the boxes rather than the toys on Christmas morning (and Elka also likes playing with small cardboard boxes, by the by), dogs have their own ideas about a lot of things. Fun is one of them!


  1. I just love how well Elka compliments your furniture!

    I don't think dogs care about where something is made - they just know if they like it or not. :) I try not to look at dog toy labels - it makes me cringe when I see the Made in China tag. Elka just has international tastes. ;)

    1. We had Elka in mind when we were buying the new couches ;)

      Made in China bugs me because if they find lead in children's toys, I'm not confident at all regarding what they'll do in dog toys. But "international tastes" is a great way to look at it! ;)

  2. My dogs would hate that first toy because it is unbreakable. they are experts in toy dissection.

  3. Our dogs destroy all toys. I think Bad Cuz lasted about a day with Storm. Kongs last about the longest (the black ones) and that is about the only toys we buy. Elka sure has a nice collection!

  4. We have a variety of toys too. The only kind we don't like is stinky plastic ones.
    Benny & Lily

  5. Lol. Leroy only plays with the cheap dog bone stuffies. Tons of really good toys that we've gotten over the years and he only likes the ones that are less than a dollar!

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