Monday, November 18, 2013

More Doberman rescue followups: Sandy and Mordecai

In keeping with trying not to just "drive by" the adoptable dogs I've posted about, I'm going back through my older posts and seeing if they're still available for adoption, or if they've found homes. Last week, I had the great news that Jasmine had found a home.

Virginia is no longer listed at the Main Line Animal Rescue in Chester Springs, PA. I'm going to assume she's been adopted, so congratulations to Virginia! Blitz, who was with DDR, inc. is also no longer listed. Of course, they still have plenty of adoptable Dobermans. Tommy is no longer at the Lycoming County SPCA and Bankston was "transferred to a breed specific Doberman rescue", and though it doesn't list which one, that's a golden ticket!

This week, I'm sorry to say that little Mordecai is still waiting to be adopted. He's with Doberman Rescue Minnesota and is nine months old now. How quickly they grow up! He still has his adorable "zipper" nose, is crate trained, potty trained, has great manners...what's not to like? It really surprises me that this puppyboy is growing up in rescue, rather than having been adopted already.

Oh yeah, and he loves to swim!

Remember Sandy, the lovely senior girl with Illinois Doberman Rescue? She's still there, and still needs a home. You can visit her IDR page if you're interested in adopting her, or if you'd like to help out by sponsoring her in some way.

So, a lot of question marks, but I'm just going to be optimistic about those dogs. My hat is off to people who work on the front lines of dog rescue, pulling dogs from shelters, doing transport, fostering. I'm just here reporting, and it still hurts my heart sometimes.


  1. If I didn't already have a full house I'd take an already trained dog gladly. My husband just looooves puppies, but I'd far rather have a dog who is already potty trained. I don't mind teaching everything else, but getting out of bed and running the pup to the loo every 2 hours is not all that fun!

  2. My feets are crossed that Mordecai will find a home

  3. Thanks for following up - there's always a great dog looking for a home and it can be so hard to watch them waiting - but without the added press some of these pups would be looking even longer. Thanks for helping them spread their stories :-)

  4. Oh, I can't believes Sandy is still there! She is such a beautiful gurl, I can't believe somebody hasn't snatched her up yet! Shoot, well I'll keep my paws crossed for both these guys!!
    Ruby ♥