Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday Tails: Tommy, a Doberman in Lycoming County PA

Tommy is a not quite two (1 year 9 months) old Doberman who has been at the Lycoming County, Pennsylvania SPCA since February. Poor guy! He evidently has a very strong "prey drive", which has presented a difficulty in adopting him out. I would speculate that a home with cats or small dogs is not one that would be able to welcome Tommy (but this is speculation, mind you). He's an energetic boy, still a puppy really, by Doberman standards. He is neutered. By accounts, he just loves to be constantly pet.

If you're active and energetic, and looking for a Doberman to do sports with, Tommy might be the boy for you! A prey drive might translate well into something like Flyball or Dock diving (yup, Dobermans can do these things!) or even tracking. 

Tommy is safe where he is, but the shelter environment does no dog favors. Tommy would love to go home with somebody who can love him and keep up with him!