Friday, June 28, 2013

Reasons my Doberman is whining

So, there's quite the amusing Tumblr, called Reasons My Son is Crying. In homage, and because Elka whines all the time, I thought I'd make a gesture at Reasons my Doberman is Whining.

1. She wants food
2. She's thirsty
3. She wants my food
4. She wants your food
5. I'm in the bathroom
6. The wind is blowing
7. A dog walked past outside
8. A baby walked past outside
9. She wants your empty can
10. She wants your empty plastic bottle
11. She wants to know why our friends aren't here yet
12. She wants to know why the pizza isn't there yet
13. We're in the car
14. She has to pee
15. She has to pee but it's raining so she won't
16. I've asked her to do a trick before receiving a treat.
17. She did something but not the trick I asked for
18. It's time to go to bed
19. It's time to wake up
20. Somebody else is awake
21. Our friends went home
22. I'm on the computer
23. I'm taking her picture
24. She can't have a pool cue
25. She can't have a pool ball
26. She can't have a beer
27. The water is boiling
28. The washer is done
29. The dryer is done
30. Her squeaky toys are on top of the fridge
31. Her squeaky toy is in the shadow of the coffee table
32. There's a toy under the couch that's been there for 3 weeks but only just come to her attention.
33. She threw her toy down the stairs to watch it bounce and now it's down the stairs
34. She wants the empty cardboard soda sleeve
35. Her ball is in the corner
36. She wants to lay on the couch too
37. There's a pillow on the couch


  1. Oh Elka! You do have good reasons to whine
    Benny & Lily

  2. LMAO oh my goodness! I take it she whines a lot?

  3. 37 good reasons to whine - I agree. Have a great weekend.

  4. Hahaha, I whine (well its more of a whimper really) when I'm kept waiting for walkies!

  5. This is very, very cute! We have a young doberman in daycare and he is such a talker/whiner! Biggest baby I've ever met :) It's seriously almost like he's pouting like a little kid. I love him to pieces despite his very loud noise-making haha.

  6. OMD! Ruby and Elka must be cut outta the SAME cloth!!!
    Add 'barking' to the 'whining' and it's like we live in the same house!!
    I have never had a dog who 'talked' as much as Ruby.
    I think she's broken.
    Ruby's Ma

  7. Poor Elka. It's a dog's life.

    Silas is not a big whiner. He really only does it when he can't figure out how to get both himself and his blanket on the sofa simultaneously. But I won't confess to how many of those would be applicable, if you changed "whining" to "barking like an idiot."

  8. Yep, and this is why I call Justus, who is not a purebred Dobie, a Whineramer. Great list!

  9. Bwa ha ha! Hilarious.

    And how long did it take you to interpret all those whines?

  10. OMD! That is quite some list! Now if you listed all those for my barking Shelties I think we would be even. :)

  11. My three Dobies only have one reason for whining .... Because they can