Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dog Treat Review: Orijen

I was recently contacted by a Chewy.com rep to sample and review Orijen dog treats. Well, given our previous experience with Chewy.com, our positive training methods (and Elka's limpid Disney eyes), we go through a lot of treats in this household, so I of course said yes. All of the treats were single protein, so really, it was just a matter (in my mind) of choosing something that would be something of a novelty for Elka, so we went with the Ranch Raised Lamb.

(image provided by Mr. Chewy)

The packaging for the treats is pretty classy looking. No garish colors for Orijen!

The treats are Made in Canada, and while that (obviously) isn't the good old USA, it's the same continent anyway, so I don't mind too much. Better than Made in Mexico, probably (wasn't there some weird thing a few years back about off label toothpaste from Mexico in dollar stores?). I've been paying better attention the ingredients in everything, but especially since I kicked the soda habit (58 days!). Good ingredients for Elka, good ingredients for the humans. It's an endeavor, to be sure.

The treats themselves look remarkably like brown cheese curls, or perhaps those peanut butter flavored Israeli snacks, Bamba. The ingredients are boneless lamb, lamb liver, and lamb tripe. I've heard very good things about tripe with regard to dog nutrition, and seen a lot of articles written on the topic. So, fairly healthy and guilt free treats!

The second the bag rattled, Elka was glued to my side. The packaging has the ubiquitous "tear here to open" resealing technology, which you see everywhere now from dishwasher pods to frozen chicken to, well, dog treats.

Miss Elka has certain treat proclivities on our walks; if they aren't meat based or cheese based, she tends not to want them. At home, she'll take veggies, but on the sidewalk, we need to up the ante. So we test drove them as the "recall treats" I keep in my pocket at the park. She was very happy!

If I had a star system or something equivalent (which I don't), I'd give the Orijen Ranch Raised Lamb treats 5 of 'em (providing 5 was the top rating, you understand). I'd definitely get these for Elka again, and I think she would definitely appreciate it!

FTC disclosure: Chewy.com sent me the dog treats for review, but did not otherwise compensate me for this post.


  1. Those sound really good! I've heard great things about Orijen. Awesome review!

    Marquie, Lassie & Petal

  2. I did not realize Orijen made treats! I use their kibble for training and for treat dispensers but will have to look into these!

  3. When I joined the bark in the Park event it was my first time to taste Orijen treats. LOVE it. Silly mom did not know about it ... Orijen is my daily food kibbles and helped a lot with my allergies. What a great company and its about time for them to make treats. Happy tasty Tuesday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. I'm always looking for good, high value treats for my pups. I like that there are only three ingredients too. I was recently looking at a package of limited ingredient food and was stunned by the list of ingredients. I couldn't imagine the ingredient list for a non-limited ingredient food!!

  5. Oh NOM. I just know you'd like Beef Liver Taffy for recall treats, too. Hmm.

  6. We will have to give them a try! (The collies are making a list of all the various cookies and treats that they are drooling to try!)

  7. We use Orijen Ranchlands for main food, and six fish for treats (they do double duty as both kibble and treat) Love their products. Amazing poops too!

  8. We just got some of these treats to try too. The dogs loved them!

  9. I debated between trying those and the Fromm's, and I wish I'd chosen the Orijen now! You make them sound pretty good!

  10. Kolchak LOVES these treats. They're one of the few brands I'm willing to pay for to have on hand just in case I don't feel like making our own.

  11. Puppy doggie snacks are usually a terrific way to let your pet dog be aware that you cherish these individuals and you value them Dog Treat