Friday, December 2, 2011

Online Store Review: Mr. Chewy

Just before Thanksgiving, I got an email from a representative of Mr. Chewy.

He flattered me, which is always a great thing, saying "your blog speaks directly to our target demographic and you've clearly created an influential presence". This has been my goal to a degree, besides having an outlet for talking about Elka, and dogs, when nobody else I knew in person wanted to much hear about dogs anymore. I try to cover important topics, and things that are important to me. Brant at Mr. Chewy extended a coupon offer to me, so that I would check them out and review them here.

First step was, of course, to find out whether Mr. Chewy was in fact a real web site that is a store that sells people things, and not a scam. It is, in fact! 

Next, I checked for Elka's food, Taste of the Wild. They had her brand and had her flavor, so really, I was on board. To made it extra fun for Elka, I also ordered some  "wishbone tendon" chews.

I put my order in on November 28. I received the chews on November 30, and then received the dog food yesterday, December 1. That is a fantastic turnaround, and I was really pleased with that. Though the treats were smaller, they were still packed in a box, not just shoved into an envelope. You can even set it up so that they give you regular shipments of your dog food, so that you don't have to separately order it every time. 

I don't yet have any action shots of Elka with her wishbone tendes, but I imagine I'll review those separately. Overall, I was pretty freaking happy with my Mr. Chewy experience. The items came really quickly, which is one of my say, top 3 concerns when ordering online, right behind getting it in the first place and having it be the thing I ordered. The only real cons are that the food was a little more expensive than just going to Tractor Supply, but not by a lot, probably $5 or so. The other is that the variety of treats isn't really what I was looking for, but mainly I was looking at prices so I could get free shipping and not have to pay too much, so my opinion could be skewed by that. They did have Zuke's treats, which are notoriously more expensive than I want to pay for.  But, I really liked having Elka's food come in the mail. 

So, would I buy from Mr. Chewy's again? Yes!


  1. That's awesome turnaround. I would definatley shop there if they shipped to Canada. Kyuss and I are SOL for this one. =b

  2. I did not have a good experience with them at all.

    1. That's a shame :( I have heard stories of people having shipping difficulties. I've never run into that, thankfully.