Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dog Body Language: Photo example

I was taking pictures of Elka in her harness, when I got this picture. I'd asked her to sit, and she got up in between completing the cue and my getting the picture, so I asked for another sit.

See the lovely calming signals Elka is presenting? She turned her head, so she isn't looking right at me. Her tongue is doing that because I caught her at the beginning of a yawn. And she licked her chops after. 

Sorry, puppy, but "sit" does mean "sit".


  1. I see you've been reading Turid Rugaas, too, yes? LOL

    That's the EzyDog harnesses right? ( Bella's getting one of those for Christmas. ;)

  2. A buit, yes, It's always nice to have a reminder!

    Yup, it's an EZYDog!

  3. LOL, Koly is terrible for that. I asked you to sit Kol, not kick back & relax. He honestly has the sloppiest sit I have ever seen!

    We have EzyDog harnesses too. Love' Em!