Friday, December 30, 2011

Kreative Blogger Award (Thanks Roberta)!

I knew I kept meaning to blog about something.

Over the holidays, admittedly, I've been a bit absent (which I didn't realize until I scrolled down through my entries and went "oh, well, I've been remiss). But I only just remembered what I was informed of almost two weeks ago: Roberta @ Silverwalk passed on the Kreative Blogger Award to me!   See how grateful I've been? Geeze. Thanks, Roberta! I'm finally doing it.

All right: the rules are pretty simple and nifty. I need to share 10 things you don't know about me, and pass the award on to 5 blogs!

1. When I was little, I used to pretend to be a dog (okay, some of you know this). And I would add "dog" to everything; I made up episodes of the Ghostbusters cartoon where they had a dog, Fido. I would pretend that Lassie ran next to our car when we went places. I had (and still have, shhh) a big stuffed Saint Bernard, named Bernie, that I had to sleep with at night, given to me by my Aunt Marian's college roommate.

2. Remember that movie Napoleon Dynamite? Well, I really kind of love that movie. I found it completely hilarious, and utterly quotable.

3. I frequently quote movies and make book references, regardless of whether I think my audience will know what I'm talking about. I don't completely non sequitur, typically, and every once in awhile, a kindred spirit will totally catch my drift.

4. I took French in elementary school, and also for three years in high school, finishing out with French 3 Honors. The result? I remember the French I learned in elementary school, which amounts to counting, the "hello, how are you?" "I am fine" "My name is" sorts of phrases, and also how to conjugate irregular verbs. Occasionally I'll spontaneously remember enough to type something conversationally, but my accent is not so great. No, I haven't trained Elka in French.

5. I hate that Rainbow Bridge poem.

6. I have had a single speeding ticket in the 12 years (God, 12 years?!) that I've had my license. 

7. I like video games, and also tabletop roleplaying games. Our gaming group meets at my house, and depending on the mood, we play Pathfinder (the inheritor of D&D, essentially) or White Wolf (the other "big dog" in the tabletop RPG industry). The video games I like best and spend the most time on tend to be RPG's as well, such as the new Fallout games, and the Elder Scrolls games, but the first Halo also has a special place in my heart (As well as Viva Pinata and Dead or Alive: Extreme Beach Volleyball)

8. When I get interested in a topic, I will read books about it and Internet research it pretty exhaustively, for a random amount of time. Some of these interests stay (*cough* dogs *cough*) and others are a bit more perennial (Chernobyl, South Africa, perfume, yoga, knitting/crocheting, space travel).

9. Every once in awhile I wonder if it would be fun to train at a Schutzhund club with Elka, even though I know she isn't "sharp" or "drivey" enough for it. That kind of structured training environment and support interests me. 

10. I'd be the most boring lottery winner ever. I'd pay off the rest of our mortgage. I'd buy some kind of muscle-y car (mustang, charger, something) to use during the summer. I'd start some kind of dog business; dog training, dog walking, or member-accessible dog park, that kind of thing.

Whew, that was hard. Do you feel like you know me better? Are we closer? I hope so!

Now for the five blogs:


  1. I took German through junior high and high school - final year was independent study with the exchange students. I remember about as much as your French! Welcome back :).
    Checking out the blogs now....

  2. Hey, are you gonna eat those tots? Love Napoleon Dynamite. Love him.

  3. I'm grinning over those ten things! Napoleon Dynamite is an awesome movie and should be quoted as often as possible!

  4. I love when the awards start going around so I can learn more about my favorite bloggers.

    I agree thoroughly with you on #5. But sssssshhhhhhhhh! We'd better keep it quiet. I think we're the only two animal lovers in the world who agree with that. They might force us out of blogville. :)

  5. @Roberta it's funny what sticks with us and what doesn't, isn't it?

    @Pup Fan Thanks very much!

    @Kolchak & @houndstooth "If you vote for me, all your wildest dreams will come true"

    @Pamela folks like us need to stick together ;)