Tuesday, February 11, 2014

With Distinguished Doberman Rescue: "Mission 6 - Your Help is Needed"

I found this story via a thread on Doberman Talk, and the DDR, inc. Facebook page:

"On Wednesday we received notice about a family that could no longer care for their dogs. After speaking with this family we learned they were seeking help from a rescue due to their current financial situation. At that time we only knew there were several Dobermans as well as some Mastiffs in their care.

Upon arrival on Friday, we were introduced to six sweet Dobermans. 5 females – Stormy, a 10 year old female, Abby, a 9 year old female, Princess, an 8 year old female, Lady, a 6 year old female, Trampoline, a 5 year old female and Red, our lone male who is 6.

Each dog was gone over with a fine tooth comb and notes were recorded regarding their medical needs. The first night we took home three of the Doberkids who we felt were most in need – Stormy, Abby and Red. Stormy will be seeing a vet tomorrow. We believe she may have a thyroid problem and this is the reason for her excessive weight. Abby and Red saw our vet on Saturday morning and received fluids, bloodwork and 4DX tests. Unfortunately Abby and Red both came back positive for Lyme disease which in turn means they will need to be on Doxy for 30 days.

Today, we were able to go back and bring home the remaining three. Lady will need to see a vet for a possible skin infection along with a potential thyroid issue. Princess and Trampoline do not seem to have any immediate health issues, but we will also have 4DX tests done on them as well.

Stormy, Lady, Princess and Trampoline all need spays and dentals. Red needs a dental and neuter - and, we suspect all of the other dogs could potentially turn up positive for Lyme as well.

We estimate the cost per dog is in the area of $500 or more with the Doxy needed to treat their Lyme Disease.

While these dogs need medical care and tlc, we feel as though this was a successful rescue mission because we were able to make a difference in the lives of six dogs also educate the former owners and in turn prevent this situation from happening again.

Our immediate need is financial for these our Mission 6 babies. Prior to taking them in, we had a total of 30 dogs in our care. There are several major medical cases that were already in our care prior to the Mission 6 dogs. Our rescue was already overwhelmed financially and in need of funds. Now we find ourselves in dire need. We are asking for donations in any amount. Please, no amount is too small. As you all know, we operate solely on donations and without your help we cannot help them.

We would like to sincerely thank all of our volunteers for stepping up immediately in this time of need. When the situation arose you were all willing to drop everything and help. Your commitment to the dogs is a true blessing to DDR.

Donations can be sent via paypal to donations AT ddrinc DOT net or paid via credit card by clicking the donate button on our website."


  1. These are the kinds of stories that break my heart. Sharing.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Sue, I appreciate it! (I'm sure the Dobermans do too)

  2. So sad but at least they are being taken better care of now. I hope people send donations. Will share.