Friday, August 1, 2014

Just a quick post: a couple of adoptable Doberman follow-ups

Good news, y'all! Remember Hawk? Well I clicked on his listing link the other day, and he's been adopted! Other good news: Duchess has been getting some interest! Maybe the pretty girl will have a doberman-savvy home of her own very very soon (fingers crossed).

In April, Ruthie was adopted! I wrote about her in March, so that's awesome, and fast. I posted about Obie in January, and he found a home as well! He was with Dreaming of Better Endings Rescue, in Pennsylvania, where you can still read his story and see other Dobermans in need of homes.

Congrats to the lovely Dobermans in need who have found their forever homes! Elka knew they could do it. Here's to many long walks and many nights snuggling on the couch.


  1. Oh, that is FABulous news abouts all the adoptions!!! YEA!!!! I always loves hearin' that my cuzzins' (Black and Tans) are gettin' some good lovin' homes!
    Elka, you are lookin' mighty fine there gurl!! I bets there are some good sniffs there in the woods!
    Ruby ♥

  2. So glad they found forever homes! Yay for them!

  3. I get dozens of emails every day from the volunteer list serve for my local shelter that have nothing to do with me. But I'm afraid to stop the flow because I enjoy reading the adoption notices so much.

    Glad to hear some beautiful Dobermans will be enjoying life in their own homes.