Monday, September 8, 2014

Stray Comments while Walking

"That's a beautiful Doberman. I used to love those dogs in the 90's."

"What kind of a dog is that?"

"Sure, she's friendly, as long as I don't come near you."

"Is that a Great Dane?"

"Oh, a Doberman! You don't see too many of them anymore."

"Awww, she's such a cutie!"

"She's so well behaved."

"Is that a Greyhound?"


  1. it's sadly true that they are little rare.... we only see them at shows, probably because of the restrictions in our country. but I bet the most people look at you and say that you are beautiful, Elka.

    1. I haven't seen many other Dobermans in person, it is true! Only four, maybe five in town.

  2. That's funny. We cringe when people say, What cute pugs
    Lily & Edward

  3. I saw a pair of Dobermans in our pet food store one day, which reminded me that I really don't see them much, either. Odd, given that there are no breed restrictions here and people here seem to love larger dogs.

    A woman pulled over from her bike ride one day to ask us if Silas is a Whippet. Apparently only sighthounds are allowed to have ribs.

    1. "Apparently only sighthounds are allowed to have ribs"

      Yeah, I've had people comment that Elka is too skinny as well. /The one other Doberman I know of, for sure, in town is FAT. Like, at a glance driving past his yard obviously too far.

  4. "That's a beautiful Doberman. I used to love those dogs in the 90's."

    What? Apparently dogs are relegated to the land of fads now, lol.

    "Oh yeah, I totally used to love Tamagotchis, the Macarena, and Rottweilers, but then I outgrew them."

    Hang in there, friend. And she is gorgeous, by the way!

    1. Hah, that's great! Freaking Macarena anyway...