Monday, March 2, 2015

Xanadu, Senior of the week, with Illinois Doberman Rescue

This is Xanadu. I couldn't look at that face and not blog about her. She's the Senior of the Week with Special Needs Dobermans.

Xanadu is 7 years old, and one of five who are fresh rescues from a backyard breeding situation. It is assumed that they were kept outside, and Xanadu herself has already had a four gland mastectomy.  She has recovered well from it, and is available for adoption through Illinois Doberman Rescue

They aren't sure yet how Xanadu is with cats or other dogs, and she can go to a home with  kids who are 12 and up. According to her writeup, she loves soft and stuffed toys, but doesn't squeak them or tear them apart  (unlike a certain Dobergirl I know), but rather "plays mama" with them, which is adorable and heartbreaking. She also gathers toys and shoes to sleep on, apparently.

She's been quiet and well-behaved in her foster home, and is somewhat reserved and not very Velcro. I'm sure she's amazed and relieved that she doesn't have to stay outside any longer! Or continue to produce puppies. Or any number of other things. But IDR recommends lots and lots of patience and work with her, to build her confidence and make her more comfortable. Maybe she'd like it if somebody read to her? I have just the pice in mind.

If you're interested in sponsoring Xanadu, making a donation for her medical care, or adopting her, the information is here on the Illinois Doberman Rescue web page. If Xanadu doesn't seem like the girl for you, they have other dogs available for adoption, and they're not all Dobermans, either!


  1. Paws crossed this sweetheart finds a wonderful fur-ever home soon!