Sunday, June 19, 2011

Doberman Assistance Network

The Doberman Assistance Network is an organization that works nationwide to help Dobermans in need.  There are members who keep an eye on and actively search shelters and animal control facilities for Dobermans.  If I'm correct, they don't have a central location in which they keep dogs, but rather rely upon a network of volunteers and members for fosters and transport, to get Dobermans out of "gen pop" and into Doberman specific rescues, or into breed appropriate homes.

There are times I'm on Craigslist, looking at pictures of puppies and dogs, and I come across a Doberman.  It typically seems to be two year olds with natural ears who have not been spayed or neutered.  Also typically, they are "free to a good home".  At least once, in the picture of the Doberman who "had to go ASAP", was what seemed to be the smaller and more manageable replacement dog.  Obviously, every Doberman being given away is not a Doberman DAN can necessarily take on, but in addition to emailing the person to recommends Doberman Rescue Unlimited (, DAN has an email address at which they can be contacted regarding Dobermans in need (

Currently, DAN has a fund raiser going on at Flower Power Fundraising.  This is "fundraising with flower bulbs", so if you're into gardening, or know somebody who is, you can go on over and make a purchase that contributes 50% of the purchase price to Dobermans in need. 

If you aren't into flowers, but are into coffee, drinks mixes, or candy DAN has a fundraiser for that as well!  I'm not a coffee drinker, but Jim is (and I do try it once in awhile), so I went ahead and ordered a bag of Medium Roast "Doberman Coffee".  It's actually rather good to a non-coffee drinker like myself, and at least one confirmed coffee drinker that we know has enjoyed it as well. If you aren't into flowers or coffee/candy, but are into cooking, on their eBay page, DAN has a cookbook, "Doberlicious Recipes". 

Helping Udders , a site I've mentioned before, has the option to contribute a percentage of your purchase (variable depending on the items) to the Doberman Assistance Network.

I picked Elka out at a breeder.  I read a whole pile of books (and am still reading piles of books) and educated myself about the breed, and training, and training methods.  I trained my dog, and my dog is spayed and fed good food and lives in the house with us.  But, they aren't all that lucky, and that's why organizations like DAN have to exist.  

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