Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Mischef November 28

Elka is, in general, very good. Maybe not harp and halo good, but when she's "bad", we can typically tell why.

Sometimes, though, she chews things. I mentioned this last week with the wall, and now I'm mentioning it again, with a different example: Chap Stick.

Now, Morgan, one of the dogs on  Tales and Tails, has already been a Chap Stick culprit, and I am in no way trying to steal her thunder. But Elka was, apparently.

We have a coffee table, and the coffee table has stuff on it. That's just a way of life. 99% of the time, Elka leaves that stuff alone. Sometimes, though, she's bored, or something catches her fancy, and she does a thing like take a paper towel and shred it.  This time, though, we were one week into my being mostly down with a flu-cold-unpleasantness. So, I had some Burt's Bees (much like Morgan's "mom" did) and left it on the coffee table, where Elka had never bothered it before. I was upstairs sorting laundry and, on a hunch, called Elka.

She came to the top of the stairs and obviously had something in her mouth. I said "Drop it", and she did immediately. It was the Burt's Bees, medicated with Clove Oil, sans cap. I told her she was good for dropping it, which she was, and ran downstairs, hoping to find the cap. I don't think it would be big enough, really, to cause a problem, but don't want to take that chance. The cap was on the couch, smashed out of recognition, other than being red. So, Elka had gnawed the cap off of the tube, and then my Mischief Sense tingled and I called her before she got any further. The Burt's Bees was, alas, covered in dog hair (and had been in her mouth), so I threw it away.

A different Burt's Bees, not the discarded one. For reference. The clove in this is very understated.


  1. What a smart puppy, she got the cap off! :)

  2. At least chapstick is clear. My pup once ate a tube of lipstick. I was horrified by her poop until I discovered the chewed up tube and realized I didn't have to call the vet after all.

  3. Okay, since I have trouble getting the cover off a Burt's Bees container, I'm totally impressed with Elka's ingenuity. :)

  4. Wow! She knew how to get to the good stuff! Smart puppy alright!

  5. Wow!! Your going to have to start getting dog proof caps for her:)))

  6. Uh oh Elka!! It sounds to me like you got busted buddy!! I think you need to practice my rule no. 2 in Mischief Making - Hide the Evidence!! Tee Hee - but I guess you weren't done eating it?

    I've never tried lip balm, but I'm starting to see a trend here, maybe I'm missing out on something good and should hunt for some around the house? :)

    Have fun buddy,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  7. @2browndawgs I daresay she got the cap between those big femur-cracking Doberman molars that she's got! It wasn't even chewed, just kind of flattened and squeezed.

    @Pamela oh boy, that had to be scary! Elka chewed a red pen once, and that was very startling, to have a puppy with red all over her muzzle. Then we found the pen pieces!

    @Leslie I was impressed too! There was almost no damage to any of the plastic at all.

    @Kootenai's Summit Post It sure smelled good! That's what I got that particular "flavor", I love the smell of clove.

    @Jen Or just being smart and putting things away, out of her reach ;)

    @snoopy I'm not sure of the trend either. Whlie I like the use of lip balm, I definitely can't see actually eating it!

  8. Hahaha! Elka, you funny little thing you! She has good taste!

    I'm so glad the chewing phase is over with Kyuss. Once he turned 2, it disappeared. Maybe I should knock on wood now though!

  9. What a great blog! I'll be visiting again to see what Elka is up to! (I found you on the Monday Mischief Blog Hop!)

  10. Well at least she dropped it

    Stop on by for a visit

  11. You're lucky, at my place it's usually mobile phones, landline phones, TV remotes etc that get molested! I'm much better at keeping things out of reach now than when I first got Frankie:)

  12. @pennypup We thought Elka's chewing phase was done too, but she still does it once in awhile. Anxiety, perhaps? It's never when we're in the room, and occasionally when we're not home. Of course, she could just come to the room where I am!

    @Kari I was really very happy that she dropped it! That's two times in the past few months where I really wanted something to NOT be in Elka's mouth, and she listened immediately.

    @Greyhounds CAN Sit She chewed an xBox controller once. We were less than pleased! Phones and remotes tend to be safe, though, which is good. They're expensive!