Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vote for the Doberman Assistance Network!

Chase Community Giving, right now on Facebook, has voting for a charity to share in a $3 million grant. The top 100 voted for charities and causes are the ones who get money. There are only a few days left (I wish I'd known sooner)

The link to go vote is here: Chase Community Giving on Facebook

Please vote, and tell others to vote. The Doberman Assistance Network has a lot of dogs relying on it, and has frequent new cases. You can only vote for a charity once, but there are other Doberman charities on the list, if you're willing to go gung-ho!

Please post, and crosspost. I've crossposted this from Doberman Talk, onto Facebook, Twitter, and Livejournal. Want to help? Elka appreciates it.

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