Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Mischief Pet Blog Hop!

About a week ago, I received an email from Alfie over at Alfie's Blog about a new blog hop! I was very excited to hear about it, and was pleased that he'd taken the time to let me know.
Monday Mischief is the pet blog hop that wraps up the weekend! From Australia, to the UK, California, to Ohio, our dogs all love getting up to something mischievous over the weekend and we are sure yours do as well! This isn't just open to dogs though, because we know that all other animals can get up to lots of mischief too.
 I thought it was a fun and new blog hop idea! Now, you may have noticed, I think Elka's pretty great. She's very very good most of the time, and even when she's "bad", it's not generally her fault. Or not generally that bad. This is one of those stories, but it more or less applies to the "mischief" category. I wasn't sure if I would have an entry, you see, and my good Dobergirl rose to the occasion for me!

See that blue chair Elka is in? Well, that blue chair is on our front porch now. We're debating how to ultimately dispose of it: curb or take it to the dump ourselves? Curb seems like it would be a not-nice trick on people who try to scope out free furniture on garbage nights.

You see, Thursday night (which counts as the beginning of the weekend for me), Elka had an...incident. Episode? Event? Anyway. Something had apparently upset her stomach. I was at work, blissfully And a certain distinct odor. 

Jim was trying to get some sleep, and our good, dear friend Panik Bedlam was over. Jim, after a very long time of Elka shifting around and grumbling and in general not allowing him to sleep, asked Panik to take over watching her. Elka took this in stride, hopping onto the blue chair, as is her right (see Dogs on Furniture). Then, and the rest of this story is perhaps not for the squeamish, our dear good friend described what happened next as "A vortex opened behind Elka's butt and poop came out". 

Yes, gentle readers, poor Elka pooped into that blue chair, in prodigious, fragrant quantity. And then, as what was happening behind her was certainly unsettling, Elka tried to run away from her butt. Her butt, attached and not done yet, continued its mishief, also christening the black couch (which sometimes, though not that fateful day, has a brown slipcover on it). At that point, she jumped off, ran upstairs (you know, the only place in the house that's carpeted), did not christen the carpet, ran downstairs, and was herded into the kitchen where the gate was put in the doorway and the volatile object contained.

When I came home, all I had to do was put the cushion covers in the laundry and comfort the dog, who was dismayed to find herself restricted to the kitchen, and whose stomach was still upset. We moved the blue chair to the porch, where it awaits its transport. 

Other than whatever her butt was doing, Elka was in fact in good spirits, and so I didn't worry terribly much. Her stomach was not tender to the touch, she was not also vomiting or panting, and she was still drinking water, though I assure you her food was cut off for the rest of the day, and when we restarted the rations, we started with some plain rice. And then some more plain rice. And then a tiny bit of kibble.  I took her out several more times in the evening and she pooped something horrible three of those times, but wanted to tear around the back yard and play with tennis balls each time after. If she had vomited as well, or been lethargic, or not been drinking, I would certainly have called the vet, because these may all be symptoms of an obstruction, or bloat. But, it was just the diarrhea, so I didn't call the vet, and she seemed completely fine all of Friday, and completely normal on Saturday. So the Event, such as it was (whatever it was) is now over.

And so, Goodbye Blue Chair, we hardly knew ye. 


  1. Hi there:
    The category said "bloat" and I wanted to check it out, but I'm not sure if I'm on the right page or not.

    Owning large breed dogs including dobermans, I'm a NUT about bloat prevention and the seriousness of this horrible condition. Anyway, I wanted to share this link with you Jen on preventing dog bloat.

    This is a very extensive article on this condition.

    Janie :o)

  2. I added "bloat" because it was something that could have been a concern in this situation. I haven't discussed bloat yet, but probably should one of these days. Thank you for sharing the link!

  3. Thanks for joining the hop Elka!
    Awww...poor Elka! I am sure that your butt had no idea what was going on!!!
    I am glad that you are feeling ok and that this crazy "butt" incident only happened once!!

  4. Poor Elka,

    I can only imagine how awful this was for her - poor thing!! I did have to laugh at the image of her running around to escape her butt!! Tee Hee

    I also had a stomach problem out of the blue on Thursday - but I was also loosing a lot of blood, so I was whisked off to the vets by my Mum - I had a virus and I'm on special food and yukky medication! Just like Elka though I'm tough and was still as happy as a Lamb, you'd never have known I was sick!!

    I bet Elka's looking forward to getting her new chair! :)

    Really cool to find your Blog through the Blog Hop - so happy you're joining in!!

    Have a fun day,

    Your new pal Snoopy :)

  5. Stomachs can be very mischievous things! I bet Elka was absolutely mortified what her stomach was doing to her, I hope she is feeling better now. I'm sending lots of puppy kisses her way just in case!

    Thanks for joining our bloghop by the way *waggy tail*

  6. Oh poor Elka! I swear my Lab used to be embarrassed by his occasional "incidents". Sorry about your chair ;) but glad Elka is back to feeling better.

  7. Oh, poor Elka! (And poor blue chair!)

  8. She is feeling much better...thanks everybody!

    We're sorry about the chair too, but that's the way it goes, I guess. At least it was from something uncontrollable, and not because she ate it!

  9. Glad to hear Elka is ok! Pups crack me up when they act so surprised by their own bodies! : ) Hope she continues to feel better and not traumatize any more of the furniture.