Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Have I got a story for you....

When my BFF coworker got to work today, she said "Oh boy, I have a story for you." And I waited with bated breath because really, her stories are pretty good.

She and her husband were driving to see his parents, and when they were in a little town just outside Hartwick, NY, she saw a dog by the side of the road. She ordered him to stop the car, and leaped out once it was stationary.

The dog she saw was emaciated. As in, shoulderblades, hip bones, and leg bones visible when the dog moved. The dog wasn't moving much, just kind of milling around I guess. Though it's been a bit cooler here, it was still a good 85 degrees and sunny. And the dog had a chain around her neck. No tags.

With some gentle, gentle coaxing, my coworker got the dog to approach her and received a lick on her hand for her trouble. The dog seemed terrified of just everything. They took a long, sloooow walk back to my coworker's car, the dog occasionally pausing to sniff my coworker's hand again, give her a lick, and start walking again. Once at the vehicle, they were able to coax her into the back seat, and had to give her a boost when she just wasn't able to get herself there.

They stopped at the next gas station they saw and bought a bottle of water, and asked the attendants about a non emergency police number, animal control, something.  It turns out there was an animal clinic the next town up, Exeter Veterinary Clinic in Richfield Springs New York, and that's where they took her. The vet there is Pamela Lea.

The dog had no tags, no microchip, nothing. The vet estimated that she's older, maybe 11, partially deaf and with cataracts. They're going to keep her there and try to get some weight back on her. When my coworker called today, she was eating and drinking. They hadn't heard anything from or about an owner.

My coworker and her husband named the dog "McQueen", after Steve McQueen, specifically because of The Great Escape. She took a single picture, which told me I could share. If no owner is found, no charges brought, what have you, my coworker and her husband unfortunately can't take McQueen; they just moved to an apartment where literally every other house pet is allowed but dogs.


  1. McQueen is so lucky your friends took the
    time to help her!

  2. That poor, poor girl!!! I hope somebody will take her home and treat her like a Queen, or rather McQueen.

  3. That was a very nice thing your friends did for that poor girl. I hope she finds a family very soon!

  4. God bless your friends! Even if McQueen doesn't find a home but Heaven, she will, at the very least, have known compassion, had food, warmth/Coolness, and a comfortable place the last days of her life. Praying for a home; were she any closer, I'd take her. As my young dogs are adopted out, I'm opting only for seniors. McQueen is a beautiful dog.

  5. That is quite a story! I pray that McQueen's story has a happier ending now that she is safe in the care of humans that actually want to help her and love her. I'm sure she's appreciate of the kindnesses shown to her by your friend and by the vet office. Who knows - maybe the vet will find her a permanent home to live out the rest of her days. Thanks for sharing!

  6. How heartbreaking and heartwarming all at once! Paws crossed for a happy home for McQueen!

  7. Well now we know why this woman is your BFF. I hope McQueen has a happy ending.

  8. Sometimes, I just don't know what to say. I hope McQueen finds a loving place.

  9. Oh, that is so sad, and heartwarmin' all at the same time.
    I loves your friend, and I loves McQueen...such a beauty. I hope and pray this has a happy ending....
    Ruby ♥

  10. Aww we would so take her(or him?) But that would be a long walk to WI!


  11. It's so sweet that your friend stopped and that the vet's office took the dog. I hope they have contacts with a local rescue that can help her find a forever home.