Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Product Review: Natural Balance Jerky Bark dog treats

I'm able to share this review with you, product made available courtesy of Chewy.com!

I picked the Natural Balance Jerky Bark treats because the flavors sounded interesting (subjective, I know; I'm not going to eat them) and because they're made in the United States. We got the Chicken and Sweet Potato. They're grain free, which is not an allergy issue with Elka, but just a preference for me when it comes to purchasing her ingestible products.

As always, she was very excited to see the package come in the mail. Poor dog; most of the time, the packages we get are books or similar things that have nothing to do with her. But frequently enough, it's toys or food or treats, and well, we know about random reward schedules. So she gets excited.

I'm happy to report that, out of the bag, the treats don't really have much of a smell. Let's face it, dog stuff can be pretty smelly sometimes, and while it's exciting to them, it's pretty aversive to us humans. The treats are about pinkie finger sized, but break up into smaller pieces very easily.

Looks appetizing, yeah? But oh yes, Elka was very happy with them.

They are softish and chewy, rather than being tough and stringy the way jerky is when we humans prepare it for ourselves. I imagine the sweet potato contributes to that aspect of the texture. In her traditional way, Elka took the treat from me, and then dropped it on the floor to further investigate it before ingesting. She'll do this with a toy, too; take it very gently, and then make off with it to poke at with her nose and then chew on.

So, we're all very happy with the Natural Balance Jerky Bark limited ingredient dog treats. I would certainly buy these for Elka and, currently, the smaller of the two bag sizes is on sale at Chewy.com for just $6.59. Considering this bag of treats lasted us for three weeks, that's not so bad!

FTC dislocusure: Chewy.com sent me a bag of Natural Balance Jerky Bark dog treats for review, but did not otherwise compensate me for this post.


  1. Yummy!!! I always inhale my treats! I inspect them later when I belch! BOL!!!!!


  2. Great review. We can't eat jerky but it sure sounds good
    Benny & Lily

  3. Interesting. Jones jerky is hard and snaps in half, while their taffy is soft and tears. I don't know anymore what's what in the dog treat world. Everything is different from what we expect with people food. Looks like Elka is loving this!

  4. It wasn't until Honey that I discovered how delicious some dogs find Sweet Potatoes. They're one of Honey's favorite ingredients.

    I like soft treats because I usually cut them up for training. These look like they'd cut up well with my kitchen scissors.

    Thanks for sharing. And I love seeing how Elka checks out her treat on the floor first. She sounds like a discriminating girl.

  5. Isn't it funny how they know when the mail is for them? Sounds like a good treat, Kirby loves a good chew.

  6. Oh, YUMMERS!!! You know I loves a good jerky! Ma usually buys the Pure Bites, butts they are REALLY expensive (thou, our local pet store is 3 bucks cheaper than the big guys!!!).
    Ma likes the Natural Balance brand. She buys the long tube 'dog food' and cuts it up for treats on my walkie. Delish I tell ya!
    Great review Elka, and BTW, I do the same thing with something new!!
    Ruby ♥

  7. Gizmo does like sweet potato chews so this sounds like one he'd enjoy as much as Elka did

  8. It's a BIG bar. 3 weeks that is good portion control. Happy Tasty Tuesday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. Chester and Gretel get more packages than I do! I have been receiving 7 different dog subscription goody boxes for 3 months to do a review and comparison. I thought maybe they would start loving the mailman but no luck :)

    Thanks for the review on the Natural Balance Jerky Treats because I got a package in one of the goody boxes but haven't opened it yet.

  10. You gave me a good laugh, because last year we got some turkey bacon treats to review and I had to fight hubby to keep him from eating it so the dogs could have it! These treats sound like something that would be very popular here at our house.

  11. LOL, I always love those strong smelling treats because I know they'll be like puggle crack. I need that. Thanks for sharing your thoughts - we always love discovering new jerky treats!