Monday, March 3, 2014

Toy Review: Tuffy Toy Mega Octopus

Last week I whined about Twitter, and this week I'll praise it, at least a little. See, this post wouldn't have happened were it not for Twitter. I've reviewed a Tuffie toy in the past, the squid, and I follow the company on Twitter. I happened to notice they Tweeted a coupon code (10% off I think?) and I retweeted, and went to bed. The next morning I had a DM: they'd made a sale from my RT, would I like a Tuffie toy for Elka? Of course I would!

And so we got the octopus (Tuffy Mega Creature Small Octopus Dog Toy, Tiger Print ). Elka seems to like a toy that smacks her in the face while she shakes it, I don't know why. My dog is weird.

The Tuffie Octopus is another 10 on the Tuff scale, like the Squid was (well, is. It's still in our toy graveyard, it just doesn't have any stuffing now). It is multilayered and double stitched, and has a squeaker in the end of each leg in addition to one in its head. This is a squeaker bonanza, here. And a really nice part about that? They're some of the quietest squeakers I've ever encountered. This is a toy she can have (supervised) while people in the household are sleeping.

And Elka LOVES this toy. She'll go to the kitchen and talk to the top of the fridge when she feels it's Tuffy Toy Time. She does need to be reminded that if she only chews on it, it will be taken away (and the Tuffy Toy people were nice enough to include a little training blurb about how they train their dogs not to just chew apart their toys, so that was really cool). And because Tuffy Toys last long enough, we actually name them (well, this one is "octopus", see), instead of just generically referring to them as "squeaky toy". I can ask Elka if she "wants her octopus" and she knows what I mean (or she's really good at pretending).

Every time I do a toy review, I have the best intentions. I'd really like to get a nice picture of Elka with it, as opposed to blurry found-footage-monster-movie shots. But no. (I think I'm also one of the few people who seems to persistently actually like found footage movies).

Makes you really appreciate things like my carefully crafted Doggles shots, n'est-ce pas?

FTC disclosure: I was sent the Tuffy Toy Mega Octopus free of charge for review, and was not otherwise compensated for this post. My opinions are my own.


  1. Squeeze that squid Elka. Don't let it slap your face. Have a great day.

  2. Our shelter has Tuffy toys and they are very sturdy. I suspect Honey would like it as much as Elka does.

  3. Who wouldn't love that toy Elka. It's pretty cool
    Lily & Edward

  4. Sweet toy. I'm going to have to look into that brand because Beamer loves stuffed toys, but destroys them instantly.

  5. Silas also likes toys that smack him in the face. I think that's the #1 appeal of the Kong Wubba.

  6. My dobie, Ada, also loves toys she can shake. She no where near as well trained as your sweetie, but she's loving and well intentioned. And she makes me laugh!