Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Doberman Assistance Network's2014 Flower Power Fundraiser

It's that time again! From now until April 25, you can buy a number of things to grow on the Flower Power Fundraising website in order to benefit the Doberman Assistance Network. Why "a number of things", rather than flowers?

(Persian Buttercups, from Flower Power Fundraiser site.)

Well, they have flowers, yes. But they also have strawberries, and herbs, and a vegetable garden package. And a cookbook! So if you're inclined to grow your own veggies and/or have the yard for it, check them out. The prices seem fairly reasonable, and 50% of each purchase goes back to DAN.

I wrote about a number of the Doberman Assistance Network's cases this past year. Sweetheart was one of them, and Nola with her puppies, and Roscoe, a puppy who had Parvo. That's only a few of my posts, and my posts are very few of DAN's cases. They keep going on fundraisers and donations, and it's the only way some of these dogs get any kind of help.

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