Saturday, May 10, 2014

Some adoptable Dobers at Doberman Rescue Unlimited! Skye and Cedar

This is Skye. She's a natural eared, docked tailed, three year old fawn and rust girl at Doberman Rescue Unlimited.  Skye's original owner seemed to want her for breeding, but surrendered her to DRU after she had a litter of puppies and developed mastitis. Sky has had a lot of confidence building at DRU, but will need a supportive home which knows how to set her up to succeed!

Cedar is a 5 year old red and rust cropped and docked boy. He has played well with some female dogs, but according to DRU, he's particular about the dogs he will accept. He had a TPLO procedure done for a torn cruciate ligament in one of his legs, and receives medication for hypothyroidism. He also has the same "head bobbing" that Elka sometimes does. He's unsure about things like fireworks and thunderstorms, but a Thundershirt helps him out. 

If you're interested in one of these Doberman Rescue Unlimited dogs, you can read about their adoption procedure here. You can also see what other Dobermans they have for adoption here.

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