Monday, July 14, 2014

Filo, with Doberman Rescue Unlimited

This is Filo. He was imported from Budapest, used as a stud dog, and then left at a shelter.  He's safe now, with Doberman Rescue Unlimited.

(picture from DRU web site)

He is from working lines, which means he's probably a drivy guy who needs a lot of activity. If I had to guess, I'd say it's probably why his original buyers ended up dumping him after breeding him. They weren't prepared to handle his upkeep. He's three years old, black and rust, cropped and docked. From his description on the DRU site, he sounds like a lot of fun!

 Filo is not a dog that will simply stay on the back burner as he is from working dog lines and needs to have a job. He is okay with most female dogs, but cats are out of the question. He requires someone who will properly channel his high energy and natural protective tendencies. Filo is a lot of dog who gives 110% to everything he does. High food drive and an awesome work ethic will make Filo a fun partner with which to work or compete. His food dish barely hits the floor before he empties it and turns it into a stainless steel missile. One can hear him throwing the bowl in the air and delighting at the loud crashing sound it makes. Left to his own devices, Filo would be a "bomb builder", but if his power is used for good, he could be that dog of a lifetime!

If you think Filo sounds like the Doberman for you, fill out an application with Doberman Rescue Unlimited. Their adoption fee is $300, considerably less than the cost of importing your very own European working line Doberman. Filo is neutered, heartworm tested, and up to date on his shots. Further (and I never noticed this about DRU dogs): "Additionally, each Dobie is tattooed with a number registered with the National Dog Registry."

You can call DRU's hotline 607-887-1200 if you have any questions or need information on any of their dogs. According to their site, they usually have 40 to 50 Dobermans at any time. If Filo isn't for you, they might have a Doberman who is!

Interestingly, Filo's original owner still lists him as a stud on their website. So, you can see his original page here, which includes a couple pictures of his European champion sire, and his pedigree. With that pedigree, he's actually related to Elka, distantly; Filo's sire Ch. Hilo von Nemesis and Elka share a great-grandsire, Graff Quirinus Van Neerlands Stam. (well, great-great in his case) Small world, isn't it?

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  1. He is gorgeous. Surely someone will adopt him soon. Keeping fingers crossed. Sharing.