Monday, July 21, 2014

Lily with Doberman Rescue Alliance Wisconsin needs sponsors!

Lily is a cropped and docked, black and rust Doberman with Doberman Rescue Alliance Wisconsin, inc. 

She was super skinny and in poor health when they took her in, but even now that she's safe and sound in a foster home, she can't walk! She can stand with assistance now, and has improved marginally, but they aren't really sure of the underlying cause, and feel an MRI for diagnostic purposes is the way to go.

(picture from DRAW web page)

As you might imagine, MRI's are expensive, and so Lily would really benefit from your generosity. She's looking for sponsors, and you can choose the amount you would like to give.

There are more pictures of Lily on her page. She looks like a sweet girl, maybe showing a teensy bit of grey for her seven years, maybe not. It's hard to tell.

The posted a neat video of her in water therapy to build those muscles back up. You can tell she's really concentrating!

So, if you can help Lily out at all, if only to share her on Facebook or Twitter or wherever to get more eyes on her situation, please do so. She could really use the help!


  1. Sending all good thoughts to Lily
    Lily & Edward

  2. I wish her lots of good luck and an answer for what's wrong!