Monday, December 8, 2014

Things I never thought I'd say before owning Elka

Just a quick list of things I never thought I'd say before owning Elka. I'm sure these aren't Elka/Doberman specific, and I'm sure there's more, but this is what I can think of. I'm told parents also have similar lists (human parents, not "pet parents") but either way, feel free to share 'em!

  • Elka, don't lick the floor
  • No, she loves apple, so you're welcome to share if you're willing.
  • Elka, don't lick my pants
  • Elka, I know you think you're talking, but I can't understand you.
  • Elka, don't lick the couch
  • I don't do this to you when you're eating
  • I'm really happy with this habit of defecating in the rain you've picked up
  • that cat does not want to be Disney friends with you
  • You're right, what are they doing in that tree?
  • You don't have to pee, you just want to watch the fireworks. You can't see them from here.
  • Elka, this is green pepper, I'm sure you don't....oh, you do like it. Okay.
  • Wow, you don't care about fire hydrants at all. I guess it was a myth.
  • Did you just show the dog in the TV your toy?
  • Nobody wants Gumby. I'm sorry.
  • You burped on my phone.
  • Elka, I'm not putting that in my mouth.
  • Why would you give me your ball and then be upset that you don't have your ball anymore?


  1. It is ironic the things we say after a pet joins the household. Some days I can only head smack myself for the truly weird stuff that comes out of my mouth about this goofball dog. Obviously it doesn't seem to bother him in the slightest which is yet another reason I adore his 'live in the moment' mentality. Now if only I could do that! :)

    1. yea, Elka is definitely my example when I try to remember to relax, enjoy myself, and live in the moment! Dogs make our lives better, truly.