Sunday, October 4, 2015

Georgia Doberman Rescue T-shirt fundraiser

The Georgia Doberman Rescue is selling T-shirts on (which didn't show me the picture, but I saw a picture on Facebook [which I've screen shotted below] an they do seem like nice shirts) to help raise funds to help Dobermans in need. They currently have 15 dogs in rescue (with 6 currently listed on the site), and unfortunately, there are always more who need help. The goal is to sell 50 shirts, and they've sold 20 so far, with 6 days to go. With every shirt they sell, money goes to GDR, so more shirts means more money for Dobermans in need!

GDR is a 501(c)3 Not for Profit Doberman Rescue which relies on volunteers and donations to run. According to the stats on their website, they rescued 30 Dobermans last year, and adopted out 19 dogs. If you don't read this post in time to do the Booster fundraiser, they also have a Zazzle store with T-shirts and hoodies.


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    1. you're welcome! I do hope it's a help.

  2. Here's wishing for a successful rescue event and effury-one finds a new fur-ever home. :)